RHD 2023 Proton S50 spied, could it be Proton’s most powerful sedan with X50’s 1.5 turbo?

We’d like reiterate that there’s no official mention of the name ‘Proton S50‘; it is just one of the names trademarked by the manufacturer along with ‘X90‘. Leaving the mystery of names aside, its arrival on Malaysian shores inches closer, as exemplified by this right-hand drive (RHD) test unit.

Still about as masked as the last time we saw it, this new set of photos by The Ajerul affords us a better look at the cabin. Good news then as this particular car is RHD – just like the X90 from yesterday’s article – which is a telltale sign that the car is in the latter stages of development.

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Questions on powertrain and prices are still blanks to be filled, but if Proton’s continued focus into the engine is a clue, then expect it to feature some form of the 1.5-litre turbocharged three-cylinder that’s in the X50 and X70.

A other key factor is the fact that the naturally-aspirated 1.5-litre unit doesn’t have enough pulling power for the car’s 1.2-tonne kerb weight. That means it’ll have a 82 PS/tonne power-to-weight ratio, far less than rivals like the City (106 PS/tonne) and Vios (93 PS/tonne).

In July 2022, Proton officials also said that there are plans to produce more variants of the 1.5-litre three-potter, yet stopped short of mentioning details. Don’t discount a mild-hybrid (MHEV) version as well; which could find its way into newer models too.

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But humour us for a second and imagine the S50 gets the X50’s engine verbatim. With 150 PS/226 Nm, it’ll be Proton’s most powerful sedan to date; slightly edging the 2.4-litre Proton Perdana (Accordana) of a few years ago. A dream?

We’ll know more as 2023 flows, ahead of its prospective market introduction next year.


Source: RHD 2023 Proton S50 spied, could it be Proton’s most powerful sedan with X50’s 1.5 turbo?

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