Just in time for the holidays, first batch deliveries of Ora Good Cat have begun

Great Wall Motor (GWM) Malaysia has begun delivering the first batch of Ora Good Cat electric vehicles (EV) to its customers. As part of the festive season, the car was dressed in a giant transparent ‘gift box’ that made its way around Klang Valley.

First batch Ora Good Cat owners who pre-ordered the car prior to the official launch on 28 November 2022 received a surprise personal door-to-door delivery from GWM. Just in time for the holidays, Ora Good Cat customers get to enjoy and drive their EV this festive season.

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As announced last month, the Ora Good Cat is available in two variants: 400 Pro and 500 Ultra, with the 500 Ultra version proving to be the more popular choice among the first batch of customers due to its 500 km range. It is also equipped with functions such as an electric driver massage seat and an intelligent driving assist mode.

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Mike Cui, Managing Director of GWM Malaysia said, “We are proud to have delivered the first batch of Ora Good Cat, GWM’s first fully electric car to our Malaysian customers. As much as we value our customers, we hope that they enjoyed our surprise delivery of Ora Good Cat as a giant ‘holiday gift’ to their doorsteps!

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GWM Malaysia’s Managing Director, Mike Cui pictured with first customer, Lim Wai Seng and his wife receiving a personal door-to-door surprise delivery from GWM on 28-December 2022

“GWM is truly grateful for our customers’ trust and support, and this signifies the first milestone of GWM in bringing in new energy, new intelligence and new experience to Malaysian consumers.”

New car owner, Ms Liow from Subang Jaya was one of the first few customers who was surprised by GWM at her home when she received her Ora Good Cat in a giant transparent “gift box” that was personally delivered to her.

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From left to right: GWM Malaysia Head of Brand & Communication, Daniel Lai and Go Auto Sales Salesman, Zul pictured with second customer Liow Li Liet, and her family, receiving a personal door-to-door surprise delivery from GWM on 28th December 2022

She shared her excitement stating, “I have always wanted to own an electric car. So when I first saw this car on GWM’s website, it’s unique cat-like design immediately caught my attention, and I just couldn’t take my eyes off it.

“As I have not owned an electric car before, I can’t wait to experience driving this EV and be the first few to drive Ora Good Cat on the road to showcase its beauty.”

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Following the first batch of Ora Good Cat deliveries, GWM is in progress to deliver the cars to their customers in time for Chinese New Year.

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“We aim to deliver more Ora Good Cat electric vehicles in the coming weeks ahead of Chinese New Year and hope that our customers get to drive their brand-new car around while visiting their friends and family during the New Year,” said Mike.

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Source: Just in time for the holidays, first batch deliveries of Ora Good Cat have begun

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