What is Sherpa Blanket?

Most of our bathrobes are made of cotton or fleece. Cotton is ideal for bathrobes that absorb water, such as sports bathrobes or sauna bathrobes. Fleece is used more for dressing gowns. Bamboo cotton and satin are also sometimes used. One material I’ve never written about is Sherpa. We’re going to change that!

How is Sherpa made?

Sherpa is also sometimes referred to as teddy material because it feels like a soft teddy bear (and many teddy bears are also made from this material). It is usually a synthetic fabric made of polyester or acrylic. Sometimes Sherpa is also made of cotton or even bamboo cotton. Although it looks like sheepskin, it is entirely vegan and, therefore, prevalent.

Like fleece, king size sherpa blanket is knitted quite loosely and then shrunk so that the structure becomes very dense and the long, fluffy loops are closer together. With Sherpa, the loops are combed out roughly to become hairier and softer. Sherpa always has one soft side, like sheepskin and one smooth side. This is why it is often used as a lining for jackets, vests, sweatpants or bathrobes!

Sherpa in bathrobes

It is, therefore, clear that Sherpa is a very soft and pleasant fabric to wear. It is, therefore, not surprising that it is also used in making bathrobes. Since Sherpa is smooth on one side, it is often combined with another fabric, such as fleece. It is, therefore, also more of a lining fabric than an outer fabric in bathrobes. This makes bathrobes with Sherpa super soft and also super warm.

Sherpa is usually creamy white, which makes it look even more like sheepskin. This may sound boring, but because it is always combined with other fabrics, it can bring out the colour of the other fabric. This can also be seen in the Sherpa bathrobes that can be found in our range.

Advantages and disadvantages of Sherpa

Sherpa, like any other fabric, has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of Sherpa are now clear: it is a wonderfully soft fabric that is also nice and warm. This makes Sherpa great to wear in the winter. Sherpa is so comfortable that sometimes I almost feel like cold weather, just so I can wear my sherpa-lined clothes again, haha.

The fabric has two drawbacks you should consider when buying a sherpa robe. Firstly, it is a substance that hair from dogs and cats, or other types of fluff, adheres well too. Secondly, odours quickly linger in them. So if you have a bathrobe with Sherpa, it’s a good idea to throw it in the wash regularly to keep it smelling fresh.

Reversible bathrobes?

We currently have two products in our range that are made with Sherpa. The first is our reversible bathrobes. These are made from a combination of coloured fleece and white Sherpa. They are available in the colours pink, anthracite and navy blue. The outside and belt of these bathrobes are made of fleece, and the lining of Sherpa.

The nice thing about these bathrobes is, as the name suggests, that they can also be worn inside out. For example, the white side is on the outside, and the soft fleece is against your body. Because the belt is made of coloured fleece, it stands out very nicely against the white Sherpa. If you wear the bathrobe with the Sherpa inside, the white colour can be seen on the sleeves, the collar and the hood.

On the couch with your snuggie

Are you free for an evening and do you want to relax? Then a snuggie is ideal. This isn’t a robe but more of a substantial oversized hooded sweatshirt. This is also for sale in pink, navy blue, anthracite, and black. Like the reversible bathrobe, the snuggies can also be worn inside out, so you can choose which soft fabric you want inside and outside.

Snuggies are ideal for spending an evening on the couch. Because they are so big, you can completely hide in them when you pull up your legs or let your legs hang out if you find that more comfortable. On the king size grey blanket side, they have a large pocket where you can put all kinds of things, such as snacks, the remote control or the cat!

But Sas, it’s summer!

I’m writing all these things on a day when I’m glad that the temperature has dropped below 25 degrees again, and I also realize that super warm bathrobes and snuggies aren’t really what people will need shortly. Still, it would be fun to write something about this fabric we have had in our range for a while now.

Besides, getting a warm bathrobe for later in the year can be excellent. Then autumn and winter become something fun to look forward to instead of the inevitable end of summer. There is something to be said about that! Greetings!

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