Tiny electric tots — Chery Unbounded Pro beats Wuling Air ev’s power and range

The Wuling Air ev, which was launched on December 2022, captured audiences with its cute yet futuristic looks.

But it faces stiff competition from fellow Chinese carmaker Chery and its Unbounded Pro electric vehicle (EV).

Its odd name aside, Chery’s little two-door EV offers larger battery packs for more range. The base model has a 28.86-kWh battery and a motor that makes 75 PS, with a claimed maximum range of 310 kilometers.

For comparison, the Wuling Air ev Long Range uses a 26-kWh battery and a 41-PS motor. It also has a claimed maximum range of 300 kilometers.

The top-end Unbounded Pro, meanwhile, has a 40.29-kWh battery pack that helps produce 96 PS and can go up to 408 kilometers.

Chery said the car can charge from 30 percent to 80 percent in 30 minutes using a DC fast charger.

More conventional styling

The Chery Unbounded Pro also looks more like a conventional car than the Wuling.

Up front, large sweeping headlights sit atop faux grills that extend into the lower bumper. Bright-orange trim gives the Chery a sportier flavor.

Down the side, you get fairly conventional-looking doors with a high beltline and additional orange trim to perk up the rather slab sides. Two-tone, 16-inch alloy wheels also add to the sporty vibe.

At the back, the taillights reflect the headlights’ sweeping design, with the hatch incorporating a small spoiler and more orange on the lower bumper.

Simpler cabin

Yet more orange can be seen inside the Chery Unbounded Pro, adorning the steering wheel, dashboard, seats, and door cards.

The center console is dominated by the 12.9-inch touchscreen infotainment system that also serves as the display for the 540-degree camera.

The interior also gets a 7-inch LCD gauge cluster, electric seats, and a panoramic moonroof.

The Chery Unbounded Pro is offered in five variants in China.

It is a touch more expensive than the Wuling Air ev, with the base model starting at around 89,000 yuan or around ₱704,000. Meanwhile, the top-spec model is 119,000 yuan or around ₱941,000, as of press time.

Which would you pick? The cute Wuling or the sporty Chery?

Source: Tiny electric tots — Chery Unbounded Pro beats Wuling Air ev’s power and range

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