Super Spreader Suppliers in India – Get the Quality Spray for your Crops

Super Spreader Suppliers in India is serving the needs of the customers for quality products. It is a silicon-based non-ionic tank-mix adjuvant. 

Super Spreader is referred to as a new generation multi-action silicon stand adjuvant, imported from America for agricultural usage. It is extremely helpful to get better the efficiency of the spray solutions. There are lots of suppliers in India who are engaged in supplying good quality super spreaders at the best price.

Why you should the super spreader? 

• It is essentially a silicon-based non-ionic tank-mix adjuvant that can be widely in different kinds of agrochemicals.

• It right away boosts up the coverage of the spray and endorses faster uptake of the agrochemicals into plants through stomatal infiltration turning the spray solution rainfast thus cutting down and improving the reliability and cost of the spray. 

• It is quite helpful when used 24 hours after proper preparation of the spray solution.

What are the different methods of application?

• Super Spreader is friendly with the majority of farm chemicals and can be utilized in different kinds of crops.

• It can be mixed at @5ml/pump with the advised dose as it is offered in the instruction leaflets of the farm chemicals. It works as a pesticide, fungicide, growth booster, herbicide, and fertilizer.

• The product can be added to the prepared stock answer of the agrochemical in conclusion. It can be used as Super Spreader and is a good emulsifier. It can assist in answering the agrochemicals with the help of water. 

What are the packaging solutions?

The best thing about the product is that it is available in different packaging solutions. The customers can purchase as per your requirements. 

How much is required to use?

 As far as the dose is concerned, you can use 0.25 to 0.50 ml per liter of water. Moreover, you can keep things as per your requirements. 

In which Crops the product can be used?

There are different crops where the product can be widely used. It can be Sugarcane, Grapes, Banana, Onion, Strawberry, Tomato, Potato, Ginger, Chilli, Capsicum, etc

How to store and dispose of it? 

 No doubt, a product works perfectly only if stored properly. You should keep tightly closed after usage. The super spreader should be properly stored in a properly ventilated place. You should keep it cool. The content disposal and containers should be by regional, local, and national laws.

Super Spray offered by the renowned super spreader suppliers in India allowed any pesticide spray for equal distribution on the leaf face by providing quality surface activity. It also reduces the surface angle of the droplet. Super Spray enhances any Pesticide/ Herbicide/Fungicide decrease and efficiency application volume on crops.

Mode of Action

Super Spreader cuts down the surface tension of the spray solution, foremost to a much more resourceful spread upon the leaves and diffusion of the spray solution. Before buying the product, you should make sure about the right quality and good supplier.

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