Yamaha launches the Augur in Taiwan, features industry first Lean Light Assist function

We can always rely on Yamaha to develop exciting new technological features for their popular scooter line-up. The most recent one they have introduced is the Yamaha Lean Light Assist (Y-LLA) function which can be found on their latest offering, the Augur.

Launched in Taiwan a week ago, the Augur is dubbed Yamaha Taiwan’s “smart flagship scooter.” The front features tri-spoke LED running lights that give it a distinct character. A unique feature of the Augur is the compact projector-type headlamp equipped with an industry-first Lean Light Assist function. Commonly known as cornering lights in the auto industry, this feature makes nighttime riding safer as the headlamp beam automatically turns toward the direction of your lean.

Another note-worthy feature of the Augur is its Yamaha Adjustable Color Temperature Unit (Y-AU), which enables the rider to freely adjust the color temperature of his headlamp depending on riding conditions. You could opt for the default bright white during dry conditions and switch to yellow light when riding in wet or foggy conditions.

The Augur is powered by a 155 cc liquid-cooled Blue Core engine with Variable Valve Actuation (VVA). It also has ABS and a traction control system, just like the ubiquitous NMAX. I would not be surprised if the Augur shares the same platform with NMAX. Though, with its exposed handlebar and flat floorboard, it bears more resemblance to the SMAX. The Augur comes with a Y-connect function, and the 4.3-inch TFT full-color display makes it all the better.    

There is no word yet from Yamaha Philippines if we will have the Augur on our shores next year, but as always, it will depend on market demand. The last we had a Yamaha scooter model from Taiwan was back in December 2019 with the launch of the Mio Gravis. We are still keeping our fingers crossed for the BW’S but having the Augur would also be nice.

What Yamaha global model would you like to be made available locally?  

Source: Yamaha launches the Augur in Taiwan, features industry first Lean Light Assist function

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