Recording a Presentation with Google Slides

Capturing your presentation can be a great way to ensure that you don’t make any embarrassing mistakes in front of your audience. With the use of popular online tools like Panopto and Loom, as well as free options for Windows and Mac, you can review how you sound, your appearance, gestures, and your command of words and details.

Recording your presentation can be helpful for a variety of reasons. You can see how your voice sounds, if there is anything you need to adjust before presenting live, or simply to have a record of what you planned to say. Google Slides is an ideal tool for recording presentations and provides an array of useful features to do so. Here are some of the main use cases when recording your Google Slides presentation will make great sense:

Hone your presentation skills by recording your voice – you won’t be able to hear yourself while talking. Listening back to the recording can be beneficial in helping identify areas of improvement. Does your tone of voice sound confident? Would it benefit from being louder? Are you mumbling or overusing words like “like”? Using recordings can help you address potential issues in advance.

Reduce your effort – instead of recording each lecture individually, you can save time by recording them just once and sending them later.

If you are someone who experiences stage fright – not everyone is confident – recording your presentation can be a great way to overcome your shyness when speaking in front of large audiences.

While presenting live, avoid distractions to maintain your flow. In the event of an interruption, you can record and send a follow-up of your presentation afterwards.

Record a presentation with Panopto using Google Slides. Utilize suitable tools and take advantage of the free plan offered by Panopto. No need to download a software extension – store videos on Panopto’s drive to prevent cluttering your device.

Recording a presentation with Loom is simple and easy. This powerful video software is widely used, offering great features for collaboration and teamwork.

Recording a presentation on a Windows computer can be done for free using Windows 10 or 11. This guide will provide steps on how to accomplish this.

Aside from the four options mentioned above, there are several other recording tools that deserve recognition. These include Zoom – known for its presentation software – and AnyMeeting, which, although it has lost some of its potency over the years, still offers a lot of versatility at a competitive price. We have a special guide for recording presentations in Zoom.

Camtasia is a great tool for creating a professional-level video experience, and you can even have an unlimited graphic design services experience with them, but its complexity and the $300 price tag make it a less attractive option. OBS Studio offers high-end features and is open-source, but is quite complex for the average user. Debut is a free tool for webcam recording and presentation recordings, but it is only compatible with Windows and its user interface looks outdated. Screencast-O-Matic is an easy-to-use tool, but to make the most of it you need to pay a reasonable amount of money and the free version lacks HD recording capabilities.


Many people question how to record a presentation on Google Slides. Luckily, there are a variety of programs to choose from. We have found that QuickTime and the Game Bar offer great, free unlimited recording options. On the other hand, if you want to quickly upload your content online, Panopto and Loom might be the better choice.

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