The Good Things To Know About The Mississippi Dispensary

The Mississippi voters decided to create a medical cannabis program. Now the initiative has received the voters’ approval, what follows next? The approved initiative 65 outlines the conditions for which medical cannabis can be prescribed as the treatment, sets possession limits and tax rates, and establishes the Mississippi Department of public health as the program’s overseer. The Mississippi dispensaries are opening soon, and here is what you need to note about the program.

Becoming a Medical Marijuana Patient in Mississippi

Qualification for a medical marijuana card in Mississippi requires you to be a certified patient. This means you need to get an in-person exam with the doctor. After determining you have one of the 22 Mississippi medical cannabis conditions, the doctor will issue you a certificate. You will take this certification to the Mississippi State Department of Health, where you will be given a medical cannabis card.

What to Know Before Visiting the Mississippi Dispensary?

There is a first for everything, including your first trip to a Mississippi dispensary. The first experience always boils down the expectations, and most people know what to expect before visiting the dispensary. The following topic will discuss each Mississippi dispensary experience to help you be informed, confident, and empowered regarding medical cannabis. A trip to any Mississippi dispensary is not as complicated, but there are a few essential tips to make your first experience positive.

Get In the Right Mind Before Visiting the Mississippi Dispensary

The essential thing to do before visiting the Mississippi dispensary is to get in the right mindset. The truth is that most people shy off from dispensary visits because of the stigma surrounding it. However, visiting and buying from an approved cannabis dispensary is your legal right. Once the dispensaries in Mississippi open, you should feel confident and know the purchase is permitted. You will also be supporting a small business in the community.

Have a Marijuana Goal

For most Mississippi residents, this will be their first dispensary visit. This means they might not exactly know what cannabis products to purchase, and that is okay. Rather than focusing on the products you want, it would be best to think of the effects you will or will not feel. It would also be helpful to know the flavors and smells you like or dislike. For instance, if you want the flavor and aroma of grapefruit, you will aim to find medical marijuana products with energizing effects but taste like grapefruit. Keep these things in mind as you make your way to the dispensary.

1. Carry Your ID and Cash

This is an essential thing to note during the Mississippi dispensary visit. You will need to prove your identification before entering the dispensary and, at best, be at least 18 years. Use the state’s valid license or identity card to verify your identity. These dispensaries do not accept credit cards and other non-cash types of payment, as cannabis is a cash-only economy. Note that marijuana products have a wide range of pricing based on what you purchase. You can spend anywhere from $30 to $150 on the first purchase. Suppose you come short of cash or forgot cash; these dispensaries have ATMs inside, although you might have to pay extra ATM fees.

2. At the Dispensary, Expect a Line, Wait for the Budtender

Based on the dispensary size, prepare to wait in line, inside or outside. Therefore, you should check the weather before heading to the dispensary to avoid being left in the cold. The dispensary lines usually move faster, but you can avoid the wait by opting for the non-rush hour, that is, in the early morning or late evening. You can as well inquire about the dispensary regarding their busy hours.

3. Take Your Time

Since the Mississippi dispensary is soon opening, you should rush to the dispensary once they open. Therefore, take your time to chat with the budtender, even if there is a queue behind you, as necessary regarding the cannabis products. The provider will recommend the best cannabis products based on your budget, needs, and wants. These dispensaries might offer discounts for first-time customers; therefore, ensure you ask the budtender if that is available.


After purchasing the products from a mississippi dispensary near me, leave a strain review. Reviewing the strains gives other cannabis users a chance to learn more about cannabis. Dispensaries love to learn about your experience after the visit. Note that most dispensaries are small businesses, and feedback is taken seriously. Your review will help these dispensaries stand out among the crowd. Once you are ready to purchase more cannabis products, you can order online for a pick-up from Mississippi dispensaries.

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