Owner review: Sporty and Practical, you can have it all. My 2016 Honda Civic

Basic information of my car:

2016 Honda Civic FC, TC

Reasons why I bought this car

For my Daily Transport use and also travel a lot for long distance Drive

Car selection process  

  • I had a budget of: Around 100k – 150k.
  • Models that I have considered include: Mazda3, Toyota Altis, Ford Focus.
  • Reasons why I chose this car:

Comparing with other Choices, the most important is Civic have the great infotainment (Able connect to android auto/apple carplay) at that period of time. I like the shape of the ride which look like coupe style and the ride is quite low profile and stable during highway run. On Handling wise, I can say Mazda and even Ford Focus can do way better than civic. But I still choose Civic as it gives more space compare to the other car. So I feel it give me more balance on comfort and ride handling.

User experience

  • I have already done 105,000km.
  • My average fuel consumption is 10km/L

The overall experience is good, it do not give much trouble that cant be solve.

Pros of my car:

  • Good Handling – due to low profile
  • Nice Looking
  • Lot of small space to keep stuff
  • Good in car entertainment system. Android Auto / Apple Car Play friendly units

Cons of my car:

  • CKD QC Quality – Claim my steering Rack twice during my 1st 3 years run. And 2 rear Suspension (1st year run).
  • Also Low Profile – if taking my parent for a ride, they have a bit trouble to enter the car and exit the car.


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Source: Owner review: Sporty and Practical, you can have it all. My 2016 Honda Civic

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