Know The Five Best Smartgraft Reviews

Smartgraft is an advanced hair restoration system that uses the latest FUE technology to restore hair loss. It is a reliable and modern hair transplant method that allows doctors to rebuild and improve hairlines. The procedure produces the best outcomes, and you will return home feeling better, refreshed, and looking younger. With this procedure, you can restore both your hair and confidence. The smartgraft hair transplant method can treat your scalp, beard hair loss, hairline, and eyebrows. The Smartgraft hair transplant procedure has several advantages, which is why there are so many smartgraft reviews.

What is Smartgraft?

As noted in the introduction, Smartgraft is the latest hair transplant method that uses follicular unit extraction procedures. It involves extracting healthy hair follicles from the donor site and transplanting them to the bald site. The process is much more effective than other medical procedures and products with side effects. Before the FUE hair restoration was discovered, the strip hair restoration procedure was used. The procedure involved removing the skin and the hair follicles from the healthier area of the scalp and transplanting them to the affected areas of the scalp. The Smartgraft technology does not require stitching or stapling the surgery area.

Both men and women looking for a permanent solution to resolve their hair loss can rely on this procedure. Instead of using the scalp, Smartgraft utilizes state-of-art technology and precise craftsmanship to provide the best hair restoration outcomes. The Smartgraft hair restoration process consumes little time and is conducted much faster and more precisely. After the treatment, you can return home and resume your normal activities in a few days. The outcome will as well appear and feel more natural. The hair restoration doctor will show you the before and after photos to help you understand the meaning of natural results.

Top Smartgraft Benefits

The Smartgraft technology poses several benefits over other hair loss treatments. That is why most people are turning away from other traditional hair loss solutions. Among these benefits are the following;

1. Provides Natural Results

Using the FUE hair restoration process, Smartgraft uses your hair to generate the most natural outcome. Unlike other hair restoration techniques like the FUT, Smartgraft does not result in scarring and provides natural results with less discomfort or downtime.

2. Does Not Involve Scarring

Unlike traditional hair loss procedures involving hair strips to be removed and restored, Smartgraft uses single micro grafts to eliminate scarring. The scarring from this procedure is so reduced, and it is nearly invisible. During the procedure, there are no incisions or sutures involved. Most people opt for it due to the impressive results mixed with little to no downtime, and it is pain-free.

3. It is a Single in-Office Procedure

The Smartgraft procedure is performed in the doctor’s office and usually lasts five hours. It has a short recovery period, as you can resume and return home the same day after the procedure. You will need a few days to recover and continue your normal activities.

4. Smartgraft Hair Transplant is Virtually Undetectable

Unlike the FUT, follicular unit extraction does not involve stitches or linear scarring, which is harder to cover. While some scarring is inevitable with either extraction method, these scars’ prominence and appearance can hugely differ. 

The Smartgraft FUE patients can expect diffuse, circular scars in the donor site. These scars are too small and virtually undetectable with short hair or a shaved scalp. It is because the follicular units are harvested with punch blades less than 1 mm in diameter and are harvested from the donor site naturally. Therefore, the potential for a noticeable scar is highly reduced, and the outcome looks extremely natural. The procedure is ideal for patients who want to keep short hair as the scars are not noticeable.

5. Advanced Technology

Smartgraft hair transplant technology is one of the most advanced hair transplant treatments. The procedure allows harvesting hair follicles directly from the donor site of the scalp without leaving a linear scar. It works just like a precise microsurgical extension of the human hand; Smartgraft is designed to help separate, extract and store the FUE grafts during hair transplantation. 

The fewer steps and fewer handling and transferring of the hair follicles allow the FUE technique to be accomplished in a shorter period. The reduced time means fewer risks of graft failure and poor growth quality and enhances patient comfort. The procedure also has a complete microprocessor-controlled graft extraction and storage system that eliminates the risk of damage to the hair grafts.

Final Thought

Smartgraft hair transplant procedure has several benefits hence more Smartgraft reviews. Treatment over other hair restoration solutions reduces trauma, manual handling, and potential damage to the hair follicles. After the Smartgraft device separates the chosen hair follicles from the tissue, gentle suction will remove the hair grafts from the scalp. Smartgraft transfers each harvested hair follicular unit into a highly specialized storage system, which maintains the best environment for graft preservation outside the body.

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