How to Export Public Folder EDB to PST – Simple Method

We are all aware that Exchange Server is a Mail Server that is widely used for calendar purposes in large organizations and businesses. In addition, to manage contacts. Starting in 1993 as a XENIX messaging client, the Exchange server took three years to fully develop, and the XENIX Server tag was removed in 1996. Since Exchange version 5.0, there have been approximately six versions of Exchange Server, with Exchange Server 2016 being the most recent. In today’s blog, we’ll show you how to export a public folder EDB to a PST file quickly and easily. Examine the best Datavare EDB to PST Converter for the work as well.

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The blog is divided into sections that describe various scenarios that result in Exchange Server corruption issues. Methods for transferring the public folder EDB to Outlook PST. So, let’s get this party started.

Exchange Server Corruption Scenarios

Many times, users are forced to Convert EDB to PST. In this section, we will go over the scenarios for transferring mailboxes from EDB to PST.

  • Exchange Server was shut down improperly.
  • JET Exchange Database Engine error.
  • An application in the system is not working properly.
  • Power outage causes Exchange to crash.
  • Corruption in the email headers in the mailbox.
  • Some emails in the Exchange database were deleted.
  • Infections with malware in Exchange Server.

Why should you export your public folder EDB to PST format?

The user converts Exchange EDB to PST in order to access the EDB files in Outlook. The fact that the Outlook PST files are not linked to MAPI as OST files is an advantage of exporting the EDB public folder to PST. By MAPI: linked, we mean that you can only access the OST files that are configured in the same profile. As a result, your data is limited to that specific profile. PST files, on the other hand, can be viewed in any of the Outlook profiles. As a result, you can access the data from any of your Outlook profiles.

Professional Way to Export EDB Public Folder to PST – EDB to PST

Microsoft has introduced several tools to export corrupted EDB files to PST in order to resolve the various corruption issues associated with the Exchange server. ExMerge Utility (ExMerge.exe) was one of many until the Exchange 2007 edition. However, for previous editions, the PowerShell command is recommended. Both are free utilities that allow you to repair damaged EDB files and export EDB public folders to PST. It can be used to repair a single mailbox or all mailboxes stored in the Exchange Server’s mailbox.

Exchange Server Information Store Overview

Exchange server information is stored in both public and private information stores. An EDB and an STM file are associated with both private and public stores.

Store of Public Information. The public store is made up of two files: pub1.edb and pub1.stm. The pub .edb file contains all MAPI Client messages, while the pub.stm file contains MIME client messages sent to Exchange. The public folder is password-protected, and only the admin can specify who has access to it.

Private Data Storage Facility

The private store contains information related to a specific mail account. This package also includes two files: priv1.edb and priv1.stm. Priv.edb files contain all of the messages sent by a MAPI client, whereas priv.stm files contain all of the streaming data sent by MIME clients.


We talked about the most dependable way to solve problems in Exchange Server. Furthermore, it offers a reliable solution. EDB to PST Converter is used to convert the EDB public folder to PST for inter-forest migration. Because EDB files are incompatible with Outlook. As a result, they must be converted to the PST format.

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