Selecting The Proper Boom Gate: Some Points To Think About

Boom gates are among the most effective security measures for restricting vehicular access to business or manufacturing facilities. A boom gate, a bar, or a pole that can be lowered or lifted to enable or refuse entry can be used to regulate the entrance to a place. Other types of entrance controls include boom gates and poles. Companies should think about installing boom gates to secure their premises since they assist in limiting the admission of cars and unauthorized individuals into buildings and workplaces.

What’s with the name boom gates?

Boom barriers, often called boom gates, are bars or poles with pivots at the end that allow the boom to stop traffic or pedestrian passage at a designated point of entry.

Explain the operation of an automated boom gate.

You may also hear people refer to boom gates, which are boom barriers that operate automatically. They resemble a bar or a pole more than a gate. It’s a lengthy arm that drops down automatically to stop any cars that try to drive through. When cars have a pass, input a code, or pay a toll, the bar is raised to let them through.

Following are some factors to think about while choosing a boom gate:

  • You need to know where you’ll put the boom gate and how you’ll run it before you buy one. Boom gates can be seen in various industrial settings, including railroad crossings, parking garages, office buildings, and factory front gates. To be sure it works for your purposes; you need to pick one that is a good fit for your intended use.
  • Another consideration is the duty cycle or the number of times a boom gate is activated daily. But low-traffic regions can benefit from boom gates, too.
  • The pole size that Rotech offers for their boom gates is determined on the opening size that the customer specifies. The KL high-duty boom gate can span openings up to 12 meters wide, whereas most boom arms are only 3 to 6 meters long. This is especially helpful in areas where mining sites and railroad crossings are frequented by big trucks.
  • Modern boom gates include solar power compatibility, rapid opening rates, and battery backup. It is recommended to make use of boom gates that are able to be installed with essential safety equipment such as PE safety beams, loop detectors, flashing safety lights, and radio controls. This is especially true in areas that are considered to be high danger.
  • How much you’re willing to spend will significantly impact the type of boom gates you can buy. Although cost-cutting is always a priority, safety should never be compromised. Make sure you choose a reliable boom gate that can withstand the conditions while also fitting within your budget.

Measures to take for your safety

  • Protective crash detector

Anti-crushing sensors that reverse the beam in the event of a collision and barrier booms that immediately shut on the vehicle are two examples of the safety elements that are built into modern gate barriers. Other safety features include: The anti-crushing sensor activates after the first impact and prevents further blows from crushing the item. As such, you’ll benefit from having an auxiliary detecting system, such as photocells.

  • Photocells

Electronic devices called photocells (motion sensors) increase security by sensing the presence of automobiles or other impediments and activating the raising of booms in response.

  • Detector of Loops

Vehicle detection loops (inductive loops) mounted on the barrier can be used to identify cars as they approach or pass through the barrier. The vehicle is identified as soon as it enters a magnetic field created by the interconnected loop detectors.

Classification of Enclosures

You will want to keep dust, water, and other solid items away from the motors and other internal components of your gate barrier if you want to put them outside. Examine the product for an Ingress Protection (IP) grade such as IP 54 or IP 56, which are both internationally recognized.

The Anti-Terror Valve or Anti-Panic Button

The anti-vandalism valve safeguards the hydraulic system if the beam is pressed, and most barriers also have safety elements that prevent their forced opening or shutting.


When you need something to rest the access control device on, the pedestal is what you need. Gates that need to accommodate trucks often have a pedestal with two different heights, whereas gates that just need to accommodate cars typically have a pedestal with just one height.


Choosing the right boom gate may be challenging, but luckily there are a variety of alternatives available, each with its strengths. Therefore, you should consider your requirements before making a choice.

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