How do you style a farmhouse table?


I love farmhouse tables. They’re so classic and rugged, but also have a sense of history and style to them.

If you’ve recently been looking for a new table or want to update an old one, here are some tips on how to style your own farmhouse table:

Use a table runner.

Use a table runner. A table runner is an accessory that can be used to add color and pattern to a table, and it’s also easy to make yourself! You’ll need some fabric or lace (or even paper), some glue, scissors, pins and thread—and maybe some tools like an iron or sewing machine if you want those fancy designs on your fabric.

First decide what size of farm table runner you want: large enough for your whole table? Or just part of it? Then choose how many parts there will be; for example if there are four seats at each end then two seats would be enough for one end without having too much overlap between them! Next spread out all of your materials so they’re flat against each other—you could even lay them down onto carpet first before gluing down any edges so there aren’t any gaps in between pieces later on when stitching everything together again later after assembly has finished being done by someone else instead of doing it yourself (which takes longer).

Add some flowers or greenery.

You can add some flowers or greenery to your table. A farmhouse table is already colorful, but when you add flowers it gives it another dimension. Flowers also give your table a natural feel and look great with any type of decorating style.

There are many different types of flowers that you can use at a farmhouse table: fresh, dried or silk ones; they’re all beautiful options! If you want something more vibrant than what’s offered by nature itself then try using some foliage like cattails or corn stalks instead; this will help balance out the rest of the arrangement without taking away from its rustic charm.

Be consistent with decorative elements.

If you’re going for a farmhouse table look, make sure that all of your decorative elements are consistent. For example, if you want to use colored glassware in the shape of flowers or butterflies on top of the table and then put a bouquet down the middle, be sure that everything else around the area is white with just a hint of color (like an extra-large vase).

Always remember: consistency is key! If we don’t have anything in common with each other—if we’re not talking about things like whether or not cats like milk—then why should anyone care?

Use baskets for table linens, napkins, bread, rolls, and utensils.

Baskets are the perfect way to add texture and interest to your table. They can be used for more than just storage; you can use them as a substitute for napkins, bread, rolls, utensils and more!

  • Use baskets for table linens (like napkins) or flatware holders. If you want to add some color or pattern in an otherwise neutral space—like how I did with my farmhouse tables—baskets come in handy here too!
  • You don’t have to go overboard with them either; they’re small enough that they won’t overpower the space around them but large enough so they’ll hold all kinds of things without being too bulky (or heavy).

Place candles on the table. Pillar candles are a good option if you have small children.

The most important thing to remember when styling a farmhouse table is that it’s all about balance. You want to make sure your candles are placed so they complement the rest of the decor, not distract from it. If you have small children and/or pets, pillar candles should be avoided as they can be dangerous if knocked over by accident. Instead, opt for tea lights or taper candles in glass holders (they’ll look much more delicate). And while we’re on the topic of safety: always keep matches out of reach—even if you use them only occasionally!

Use placemats when serving meals.

When you’re serving food, placemats are a great way to keep your table clean. They also make a nice decorative element and can be made from a variety of materials, such as felt or cloth. If you want to buy them in bulk, they are available at most fabric stores or online retailers like Amazon Prime memberships (the latter being cheaper).

There are many ways to style a farmhouse table!

There are many ways to style a farmhouse table. You can use a table runner, add some flowers or greenery, be consistent with decorative elements (like candles) and use baskets for linens, napkins, bread rolls and utensils.

You should also consider placing candles on the table. Pillar candles are a good option if you have small children because they won’t burn down the house when they fall off!


Farmhouse tables are beautiful and unique. There is no rule book for styling a farmhouse table, but there are some guidelines that you can follow to get it looking just right. Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to creating a stylish dining space!

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