5 Unconventional but Beautiful Kitchen Ideas

Have you ever thought about how your kitchen would look with a black kitchen cabinet with a Moresque look of the Spanish style or a space with an unconventional geometry? Read on as we celebrate uniqueness and dare to explore ‘different’ in this write-up.

It takes daring courage to dream differently. It takes the same conviction to bring your unconventional ideas to life.

Unconventional but beautiful

Kitchens around the world have one common theme in them – Practicality! True to its core, kitchen space always needs to be practical, but practicality does not have to conform to standard design trends of aesthetic appeal. Unconventionality has its appeal and apparent beauty.

Here, in this article, we will discuss five kitchen ideas that go against classic – ideas that are unconventional to the hilt. Nevertheless, unconventional does not have to be ugly. Au contraire, it can be beautiful. Let us dive in to explore more.

1.   Futuristic Kitchen With Unconventional Geometry

This one goes against all norms of tradition. Unlike a classic kitchen design style with materials and color palettes, this one is a modernist designer’s take on future kitchen spaces. This kitchen has designs full of futuristic, asymmetrical shapes built around white or black kitchen cabinets.

Polygonal lines give the cuts an edge that is unique and beautiful. Borderlines of such edges can be contrasted with the opposite color in the color wheel which highlights the unconventionality of the geometrical shapes.

Angular breakfast corner, L-shaped cabinetry, or a futuristic kitchen island with chaotic sharp angular folds give the kitchen its beautiful aesthetics and uniqueness.

2.   Vintage Industrial Look

From the future, let us jump to the era bygone. And, here are two distinct styles from different eras in history that will give your kitchen an unforgettable and unconventional touch.

There is something unique and timeless in the industrial era. An industrial kitchen is marked with distinct features such as exposed bricks of the walls, worn-out mortars, wooden beams, pipes, and ducts, an industrial-style high chimney and stove, a factory-like high ceiling, etc. Industrial kitchen designers strive to get your kitchen look like it is from a factory from the 19th century.

In modern contexts, designers would never trade a dark brown or black kitchen cabinet in a kitchen for anything else while designing an industrial kitchen. However, to avoid being too dark, one may allow white paint on the walls or a tiled backsplash that makes the space visually appealing.

Open shelves, tableware, free-standing cabinets, and ladders are a specialty with industrial designs. Colored wooden furniture, especially dusty orange farmhouse-style tables and vintage industrial lighting such as the antique “Edison Bulbs” can seal the look.

3.   Hispano-Moresque Look

Here’s another unconventional kitchen look from the past. Hispano-Moresque was a distinct style of art in entire Europe until the 15th century. It is characterized by artsy Islamic pottery influenced by the Moorish traditions from Andalusia in Spain from the early 7th century.

A kitchen style resembling the historical Spanish miniature art is best adorned with hints of blue, green, white, and brown with featured natural objects, plants, leaves, flowers, animals, or birds as the focus of art. As such, conical windows and door frames, dark tan or black kitchen cabinets to give a touch of mystery and shapely dome-like ceilings are also inherent styles of this era.

Modern kitchen floors built on Hispano-Moresque style can wear a velvet carpet with miniature drawings or embroidery to bring that touch. A Moorish kitchen either has hints of green, blue, white, or dark in its overall appearance. Purple, maroon, and crimson red are also noticed as underlying themes.

4.   Kitchen With a Colorful Character

If you want to come back to the present era, let your kitchen have a colorful character to embrace an unconventionally beautiful look. A floral patterned carpet or kitchen flooring contrasting the top with plain and solid colors will give the kitchen an interesting look.

You may achieve an unconventional look by placing your dark or black kitchen cabinet against a light background and then painting the ceiling with abstract patterns in dark shades. The kitchen floor can have a checkered pattern of various checkered sizes and shapes.

If you want to be bold, you can alternate the checkered patterns with more than two colors. Dark tan, yellow, red, velvet blue, etc., can give your kitchen a modern look from the 1970s era.

5.   Farm Look Kitchens With Open Windows

If your kitchen has open windows on the tree sides, like a verandah or portico, and has lots of greenery around it, then a farm look with floating shelves can give a unique look to your kitchen.

An island-style black kitchen cabinet will fit in easily, giving it a touch of mystery, surrounded by varnished wooden chairs with leather seats. The open windows in the kitchen can be covered for privacy with large dark curtains of cotton or silk.

The curtains add a hauntingly mysterious touch to an otherwise open kitchen space. You can also open the curtains and get the ascetic look by hugging the greens around.


There we have covered a few beautiful ideas to fire up your imagination. Further, from an all-gold metallic feel hugging your black kitchen cabinet, to trying out entirely new materials, metals, textures, and designs, you can always go all in if your creative juices surge you forward.

Dare to dream unconventional, and make your dreams come alive! Let us know what sparked your imagination today.

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