On Which Factors Does The SMP Hair Cost Depend?

Scalp tattoo seems like a conventional method, but it is effective. Even though there is no medication for baldness, SMP has saved the lives of men suffering from pattern baldness or hair loss. It is the only solution that guarantees the best results, which is why most people prefer the procedure. But it is a complex procedure requiring an experienced provider to understand what to expect. As far as the SMP hair restoration cost is concerned, it depends on different factors. This article will mention the factors on which smp hair cost depends.

What is SMP Hair Restoration?

Scalp micropigmentation is a new cosmetic process. It uses specialized techniques to inject pigments into the affected areas of the scalp. The outcome of the surgery is based on two things – the tool used and the artist’s experience. The treatment might sometimes demand three sessions, but this differs based on the patient. In the first two treatments, tiny incisions will be made into the scalp, creating an illusion that the scalp is full of hair. 

To make this appear more natural, the provider will use pigments darker than your skin tone, making the outcome more realistic. Because it requires skills and precision, the cost is not as low as you would expect. But it is worth investing in, at least based on the number of people who swear on it.

Factors Affecting Scalp Micropigmentation Cost

As noted earlier, the SMP hair cost depends on several aspects, and it is hard to state the actual price. The average cost of a single session ranges between $2000 and $4000, but it is essential to know what you are looking for to state it correctly.

These are the significant factors that alter the scalp micropigmentation cost:

1. Treatment Area

Most scalp micropigmentation suffers from pattern baldness. This comes in seven stages of baldness based on the first being the baseline, meaning no hair loss whatsoever, while the previous one is the horseshoe phase, in which the hair at the back or the sides of the scalp remains. The cost of each stage differs as there is more space to cover with the micropigmentation.

2. Skin Type

Distinct skin types require a precise application from the artist. For example, dry, flaky, and older skin needs more care and extra time. This is similar to sensitive skin, damaged or covered with acne or moles. Also, extremely thick skin and both types can affect the procedure. Therefore, it is crucial to have a consultation session with your provider before the process to determine whether your skin is delicate.

3. Scarring

Scarring can as well make the treatment more demanding hence the high costs. Typically, hair will not grow on scar tissues, and because scalp micropigmentation mimics natural hair, it will be tricky but possible. This is easier on lighter scars. Therefore, this is the reason why you shouldn’t choose the provider based on the cost but the experience.

4. The Hair Density and Style

The entire scalp micropigmentation cost depends on the hair density and style you are looking for. Suppose the kind you are looking for mimics natural hair, and the prices will be higher than the patient who is looking to keep their hair density and want to fill out the appearance of existing hair follicles.

5. Choosing the Best SMP Provider

The cost of scalp micropigmentation can vary. Not only due to your condition and density but also because some clinics charge less. But you need to note that higher prices can be justified. Value is always vital; it is, therefore, critical to opt for an artist who knows what they are doing and has enough experience in this field. A skilled SMP artist can design a hairline that continues to appear suitable as you age. Also, research thoroughly before committing to anything when looking for an experienced SMP artist.

Talk to a few patients or people treated at the clinic or by the artist before. Another essential thing to check is the certificate owned by the artist. Other than the certification, the equipment being used is also essential. Know the equipment used so you can leave the clinic with the best outcome. Suppose a mistake occurs during the procedure or the pigments were applied adequately, the stains will be lasered off, which can be both expensive and painful.

Final Thought

Before settling on SMP hair treatment, you need to note that it is less painful and among the most successful procedures. Therefore it is essential not to be cheap but intelligent when looking for a provider or clinic. Ensure the artist you are opting for is well-known for their excellent work and the best outcomes. A trained provider can do wonders for your hairline. Make sure you enter the process well-prepared with all the details beforehand.

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