Things You Need to Know Before Buying Copper Lanterns

Many times, when we buy copper items, the shine of the item seems quite dull, which creates a question mark on our mind on whether to buy it or not. That dullness does not mean that the product is old or damaged. It is the copper’s nature that makes it look that way. The reason behind that is copper is a natural metal made from 100% copper. It is not painted or coated to look like a fresh piece. As copper is in its unfinished state, it will patina over time, and this is called the patina process. You must be thinking, what actually patina is? Patina, a thin layer that forms on the surface of copper due to oxidation which makes the item look vintage. The more you touch the copper fixture, the more it will patina to a deep bronze color. If exposed to the environment, it will oxidize at a higher rate as compared to a closed environment.

Copper items have different finishes in them. According to their polishes and properties, their maintenance has been done. In this article, you will get aware of the polishes or finishes that have been done on copper fixtures that will help your next copper outdoor light fixtures.

Lacquer Finishes:

Lacquer is a kind of liquid applied on the copper surface. Once this protective coating is dried, a new layer is applied to the surface. Likewise, multiple layers are applied till required. Lacquer polish seems like paint over the surface, which gives the item a glossy appearance, and the dust can be cleaned by whipping it off with warm water. It protects the surface against rain.

Polishing and Buffing:

As suggested by the name, this finish is achieved with the help of sandpaper or using some abrasive tools. It can either be done by hand or by machine, whereas a buffed finish can be achieved by chemicals and the end result looks as smooth and shiny as polished metal. Buffing and polishing show the natural appearance of the copper. Polished and buffed finishes are suitable for indoor fixtures.

Chemical Finish:

As implied by its name, a chemical finish uses chemicals to produce a consistent patina on the surface of the object. The copper will consistently deepen in color when exposed to certain chemicals, and the process leaves the surface of the lantern with a protective coating. Compared to the lacquer, this sort of finish may last longer.

Natural Patina:

When the copper outdoor light fixtures are left alone for a long period of time without being polished, with time, it creates a layer of patina on its surface. When left in the environment untouched, it gets influenced by various factors such as humidity, temperature, chemicals, etc. However, a natural patina is considered elegant as it oozes the character of the fixture.

The bottom Line:

Copper is considered a vintage item that symbolizes a stamp of heritage. Many modern households are seen with varieties of copper outdoor lighting as they give an aestheticism to the houses. At Gulf Coast Lanterns, you can find wide ranges of indoor and outdoor copper lanterns. You can visit the following website for more information –

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