How Much Should An Indian Spend To Study In Canada?

Canada has become one of the most popular destinations for Indian students and professionals who want to pursue further studies abroad. Education costs are comparatively cheaper in Australia than in other top destinations for international study across Europe, America and Australia. Plus, the scenic beauty, big and vibrant cities and close-knit campuses in world-famous institutes like the University of Toronto, the University of Alberta, and the University of Winnipeg gives a home-away-from-home feeling to the students who study in Canada from India. However, an Indian earns an average salary of just $179 each month, a meagre amount compared to a Canadian’s monthly earnings of $4126. Hence, the lack of a concrete figure often stops Indian students from moving to Canada for international studies. Let’s get a clear view of the amount an Indian might need to study abroad.

Before that, let’s know what makes Canada a popular academic destination for Indian students.

Why Do Indian Students Choose To Study In Canada?

Students take the PTE exam and crack the IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and CAEL to pursue their higher studies in Canada because the country offers the following facilities like no other:

  • Low cost of living

The cost of living in popular educational destinations like Australia and the United Kingdom is 1.117% and 1.02% higher than in Canada. Therefore, students find the country comparatively affordable to manage their living while studying abroad.

  • Home to top academic institutions

Canada houses one of the top universities of the globe, like the University of Toronto, McGill University, the University of Waterloo, University of Alberta. Moreover, 28 of 223 public universities rank in the QS world ranking. Many students want to add the name of these universities to their educational portfolio and enhance their chances of further education or a better professional career.

  • Lack of language barrier

English is the language used for official conversation in India and is often used as the common language for college and university lectures. Thankfully, English and French are used for academics and discussion across the borders of Canada. Therefore, language does not pose a barrier for most Indian students staying in the country.

  • High employability

Many abroad study consultancy confirms that Canada offers high employability for Indian graduates. The ministry of education in Canada encourages foreign student applications to build a cosmopolitan environment. Even in 2020, when Covid-19 hit the world, Canada maintained an employability rate of 52.10%. Hence the rate of employability for international students like Indians is quite high.

Cost Of Studies In Canada For Indian Students

The complete cost of studies depends on several factors like tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses, and some sundry costs. Here are the details:

  • Tuition Fees

 Many sop writing services in India that help its nationals to settle in foreign countries confirm that a student can complete an academic program in Canada for 8,00,000 to 23,00,000 rupees. However, the cost of studies varies with the university and educational level. Courses in the stream of medicine and engineering tend to be cheaper than humanities and arts, while MBA is the most expensive academic program. Universities can bill between 7000-32000 rupees for tuition fees each ear, though close to 5% of universities don’t charge any bill for applications.

  • Cost of accommodation

The cost of accommodation in Canada varies with how a student chooses to live there. For example, choosing to reside on the university campuses can cost a student anywhere between 48,000 to 600,000 rupees each year, while living in a shared apartment outside the university campus, a student may have to spend between 24, 000 to 42,000 rupees each month. Plus, big cities or prime locations in cities can increase the monthly accommodation costs by 1,20,000 each month.

  • Expenses for living

It can never happen that a student will only stay and study but not eat, commute, communicate with friends and family or go out for a movie or buy books and other required items. These items also come against a cost. To meet these basic needs, an individual can expect to spend a minimum of 36,000 rupees each month.

  • Other expenses

Apart from the expenses to live and study in Canada, the Canadian government charge a one-time payment for health insurance and a study permit or VISA. While one can claim a health permit for approximately 4,80,000 rupees, VISA charges can be a maximum 1,11,000 rupees.

To sum up,

An Indian student spends much lower cost studying in Canada compared to other top international study destinations. Plus, if one gets awarded a scholarship, the prices decrease further. However, the competition to get a seat in a Canadian university is quite high due to these facilities. Hence, students must pay attention to scoring well on the admission tests in the top Canadian universities and maintain high academic grades throughout their school and college life. It is the only gateway to studying in Canada from India and securing a seat in the preferred educational institution.

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