Factors to consider when outsourcing Behavioral Health medical billing

Handling billing internally made financial sense when you first started your practice – a thought that holds true for most practitioners. But as your company has expanded in size and perhaps scope, billing has also become more complicated. Many businesses consider it wise to outsource this duty because there are so many moving pieces to keep track of in order to maintain a steady flow of revenue.

If you’ve ever questioned about outsourcing your medical billing, this article will go through all the benefits it offers you in terms of operations, and all the reasons to outsource medical billing.

In today’s competitive world, there is no place for human oversight or errors in behavioral health practices. Margin requirements are strict, and it might be challenging to adhere to third-party payer reimbursement policies. Maintaining compliance with the ongoing regulatory changes and payer-specific adjudication rules or payment processing criteria is challenging, if not downright impossible. The level of difficulty increases significantly if your locations are spread across several states.

Numerous behavioral healthcare providers have come to the conclusion that their internal teams lack the specialized training required to appropriately code or comprehend payer criteria in order to maximize revenue.

Now, let’s consider the factors to consider when outsourcing Behavioral Health medical billing:

1.Extend Your Accounting System Past Its Decades

It could be preferable to upgrade by using a third party if it has been a while since you bought and installed your practice’s accounting system. Forget about spending time and money figuring out which new accounting system is suitable for your business. To make the best use of their time, the medical billing services staff will employ the most recent version of their software.

2.Conforming to HIPPA

Regarding security and privacy in healthcare, you have a direct obligation. You can have peace of mind knowing that the practices of the company ensure the confidential handling of a patient’s health information as well as the protection of their legal rights by outsourcing to an experienced company with HIPAA compliance. Your outsourcing company should adhere to various laws, medical regulations, and recommendations in addition to HIPPA. This assists you in maintaining high standards of care and ethics, lowering your vulnerability to fraud, and generally improving your revenue cycle.

3. Recognition

You only partner with people you can trust in any form of business. Because of this, reputation is crucial, and a thorough background check is required. The first step is to focus your search for a suitable organization, after which you can start your research. Seek recommendations from reliable coworkers. Consult with medical specialists as you are more likely to get trustworthy information from them than from anonymous web user reviews.

4. Expertise

To ensure accurate invoicing, you require billers with experience in your area of expertise. The billing and coding problems you face will be specific to your facility and specialty, whether you work for a large city hospital, a small rural hospital, or a private practice that specializes in children or cardiovascular health. This implies that you’ll need someone who is familiar with the code, compliance, and documentation needs for your institution. Otherwise, you can experience coding errors, claim denials, and poor cash flow, which would negate the original goal of outsourcing.

Why choose Medisys Data Solutions?

One of the most important practice management choices your facility will ever make is to outsource your billing and coding. Top medical billers are employed by Medisys Data Solutions, who pools its global resources to offer its clients the finest in medical billing and revenue cycle management. In collaboration with you, we’ll develop data-driven solutions that address your unique needs and free you up to resume patient care.


Billing was a routine and easy process when your practice was young and just getting started. But as you plan to expand, managing the bills from your numerous specializations and doctors will become increasingly difficult. It would be wise for doctors looking to expand their practice over the coming year to weigh the pros and cons of outsourcing vs doing their own billing.

Being the owner and operator of a successful behavioral health facility or addiction treatment center is a noble endeavor, but it comes with a number of time-consuming and difficult tasks, such as managing staff, payroll, insurances, marketing, doctor referrals, and bringing in new patients or clients.

One method to effectively manage your time, maximize your earnings, and reduce billing errors is to outsource your behavioral health medical billing. With more than 50 years of combined expertise in the provider and billing sides of behavioral health, we at Medisys Data Solutions, are industry leaders in billing services and revenue cycle management. We respect your obligations and work to make the process of outsourcing your billing as straightforward as we can. Come let’s join hands and make the medical billing process easier for you!

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