Candy Crush Mod APK Android v1.235.0.2 (Unlimited Everything)

The Candy Crush Mod APK game can be downloaded for free I will show you in this article. This game is an exciting strategy puzzle game and can be played on your mobile phone or tablet.

This post gives you the best and most updated Candy Crush saga mod apk android version. This is a game that has been downloaded more than 1 billion times.

Candy Crush Mod Apk is a fun game, but it’s not easy to play. It would help if you removed the blocks to break the candy and make them disappear. There are many levels; you must complete each to get to the next one. If you like to play games, you will definitely like Candy Crush Mod Apk.

The History of Candy Crush Mod APK Game

It’s a game that has been around since 2011.

According to the developers, the idea for the game came from a friend who enjoyed playing Bejeweled. She suggested that the game could have a “Candy” version instead of a Bejeweled one.

In 2011, the game was released on the iPhone. In 2012, it was released on the Android platform.

As of 2017, it has received over 400 million downloads worldwide. It was downloaded by over two billion players, making it one of the best mobile games in history. It’s fun, addicting, and has excellent graphics.

There are over 600 levels today, meaning this game is more challenging than ever.

Features of Candy Crush Mod APK Game

There are different features in this game. These features are advantageous and exciting. 

You can find some information about the game’s features on our website. Or you can read it from this article.

We will check out some of the features of the candy crush mod.


New Features

  • This feature is the primary purpose of the Candy Crush Mod APK. You can access the game with all new features without installing any game apps.
  • You can play the game from a single level.
  • You can play the game by making only one move per round.
  • The time limit is 5 minutes.

Amazing Levels

You can play the game on the most amazing levels. Many new levels are never before available. It is the best place for a free fun time.

No Ads

This feature is the main benefit of the Candy Crush Saga 2019 APK. The game can be enjoyed without ads. 

No In-App Purchases

You don’t need to buy any in-app purchases. You can also get unlimited gems through the game.

Unlimited Lives

You can play the game by making only one move per round. You can get unlimited lives.

Get Unlimited Coins

  • You can get unlimited coins.
  • You can get infinite lives.
  • You can unlock in-app purchases with your cash.

Unlock Special Moves

  • You can unlock special moves by spending coins.
  • There are more than 100 special moves.

Get Free Boosters

  • You can get free boosters by making a few clicks.
  • You can use the champion to gain more coins.
  • You can play with friends and unlock free boosters by sharing them.

Unlock Special Boards

There are more than 50 unique boards to unlock.

Complete Achievements

There are more than 100 achievements. You can unlock all the achievements by spending coins and boosters. You can complete all the achievements by paying cash and boosters.

Share Your Progress

It is possible to share your progress with your friends and family.

How to Play Candy Crush Mod APK

To play Candy Crush Mod APK, you will need to open the game and tap on a row of candies on the board to match three or more.

The better your score will be, the quicker you get it.

The candy will disappear if you get 3 or more sweets in a single move. There is more to this game than matching candy.

You must use your special moves to remove all the candies on the board to score higher.

You can do this by tapping the unique candy tiles scattered across the board.

For example, if a particular candy tile looks like a heart, you’ll have to find the specific heart tile and swipe it away to remove the candies.

You’ll also have to deal with the unique puzzle cards on the board.

How to Play with Friends and Family

How to play with friends on Candy Crush is super easy. Just open the game and tap on “Friends” in the menu. Then, add the friends you want to play with. Next, tap on the friends’ names and enjoy the fun!

How to play in the family on Candy Crush is simple. Open the game and tap on “Family” in the menu. Next, select the type of gameplay you want to play. You can choose “Puzzle,” “Tiles,” or “Swipe.” The game can be started with a tap of the play button.

How to Play with Unlimited Lives, Coins, and Jelly Power

The Premium version will allow unlimited lives, coins, and jelly power. So, firstly, download the Candy Crush APK. After that, you must follow the steps below to get the features.

Open the game and tap on “Upgrade” in the menu. Scroll down and tap on the upgrade icon. Tap on “Upgrade to Premium.”

Next, open the menu and tap on “Upgrades” in the menu. Scroll down and tap on the upgrade icon. Tap on “Upgrade to Premium.”

How to Install Candy Crush Saga latest Version Download

Candy Crush Mod Game can be downloaded for free. Here are some things to consider.


  • To play Candy Crush Saga Mod APK, you must have Android 4.4 KitKat and 1 GB RAM.

Conclusion: Candy Crush Mod APK

In conclusion, the game is a simple puzzle game that anyone can play, regardless of age, gender, or skill level. The purpose of the game only is to have entertainment.

FAQs: Candy Crush Mod APK

1. Is the Candy Crush game safe to play? 

Yes, it is very safe to play Candy Crush Game. You can play the Candy Crush games on your computer or on your phone.

2. Will the modded version work on my phone? 

Yes, the modded version of Candy Crush Soda Saga works on most phones, including the iPhone and Android phones.

3. Will the modded version work on all Android devices? 

Yes, the modded version of Candy Crush Soda Saga works on all Android devices.

4. How can I play the Candy Crush game? 

To play Candy Crush APK, you must download the application on your Android device. You can play Candy Crush Mod on your computer or on your phone.

 5. How does it work?

The developer has modified the game to include a new type of puzzle that will give the player more options.

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