3 best strategies for organic YouTube promotion

1.Work with other brands and creators

Working with other users is a strategy that some of the biggest YouTube stars have utilized to increase their fan base through organic YouTube promotion. Each partnership exposes you to a new group of people. The best part is that because you’re collaborating with a content creator they already know, like, and trust, those new viewers are more inclined to subscribe to your channel.

Finding the proper partner is essential for organic YouTube promotion to be successful. In order for your video to come across as authentic, you should cooperate with content creators who have similar interests to your company. One of the best examples of a creative cooperation that doesn’t appear excessively commercial is this now-classic Buzz Feed and Purina project.

2.Carry out a paid YouTube ad campaign

You always have the choice to increase your visibility through paid YouTube advertisements because marketing in general is moving toward a pay-to-play model. There are many different ad formats available on YouTube:

Only available on computers, display adverts appear in the right-hand sidebar of videos. Advertising that is put on the bottom of a video are known as overlay ads because they are semi-transparent. Only desktop computers may access them. These advertisements appear before, during, or after a video and are either skippable or cannot be skipped. Non-skippable advertising must be seen through in full before the viewer can access their video, but skippable ads can be skipped after five seconds.

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Bumper ads are non-skippable advertisements that must be seen before a viewer can access their video. They may last up to six seconds. Sponsored cards: These cards appear in conjunction with pertinent videos. They might be used to advertise your goods or other stuff which can be used for organic YouTube promotion.

You have the option of using an existing video or making a brand-new one for your ad creatives depending on the campaign. The benefit of using an existing video is that you can pick a segment that has historically worked well. Running paid advertisements might enhance your results if a video has already attracted a significant amount of organic views and engagement. In this matter YouTube video thumbnail is one of the important criteria which has to maintain to increase the quality of video.

On the other hand, making a fresh video for your advertisements will enable you to provide content that is more specifically targeted and under your control. To point viewers to a landing page or another video, for example, you may design an advertisement with a specific call-to-action at the end. Here is more information on the many YouTube video ad formats.

3.Publish your YouTube content on social media on a regular basis

It’s no secret that video content dominates in terms of performance and engagement on social media. In order to get your social media followers to subscribe, you need to frequently promote your YouTube channel to them. Make it a point to alert your followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn as soon as a video becomes online. For each social media platform, you can also create excerpts or previews that connect to your most recent work.

You can cross-promote your content for organic YouTube promotion and schedule it with Sprout Social without switching between different platforms. Features like Viral Post can also make sure that your content goes live at the right time for your social media audiences.

  • This concludes our overview of YouTube channel marketing.
  • What are some ways to advertise your YouTube channel?
  • It takes effort to increase your YouTube audience.
  • And yes, if there is a lot of competition in your area, it could feel like a grind.

That is precisely the reason why having a choice of advertising strategies on hand pays off. Even while some of the aforementioned suggestions demand more work than others, they all potentially increase the number of viewers who view your channel and the number of subscribers you have. Download our social media video cheat sheet to acquire ideas for videos at each stage of the marketing funnel if you’re ready to increase your YouTube presence and start seeing tangible business outcomes.

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