Owner Review: The Starter Pack, My 2021 Proton Saga 1.3 Standard AT

Basic information about my car:

PROTON SAGA 1.3 Standard AT 2021

Reasons why I bought this car:

As my third car for shopping routine to nearby shops, markets, and travel to nearby town. Extremely suitable as a learner car for family member whom just got their Provisional License (big red P! or as a grocery chores car for parents whom already retired. Suitable to drive to places where parking lot is challenging to get, or to park at roadside when buying something from roadside hawker.

Car selection process

● I had a budget of: RM5000 downpayment with monthly commitment of RM400

● Models that I have considered include: Perodua Bezza & Perodua Axia

● Reasons why I chose this car:

  1. well worth it as commitment is only RM300 per month!
  2. Quick and effective booking & car delivery process compared to other brand during MCO period
  3. Combination of 1.3L engine and automatic transmission is easy to learn for driver with fresh license
  4. Interior space is sufficient, driving position well suited to yong ladies and old folks 

User experience

● I have already done: 4,000 km.

● Since the purchase, my thoughts about the car are:

  1. Feeling proud and not ashamed on the brand, even tho I have BMW F30 and Honda City in my garage
  2. People still feeling proud and interested to Proton Saga
  3. Professional and Comfortable service center
  4. Smooth driving experience, comfy cabin

Pros of my car:

  • comfy cabin with lots of cubby holes
  • comfy driving experience, tall riding height
  • can comfortably fit 5 adults
  • easy to park everywhere, especially on the roadside

Cons of my car:

  • high fuel consumption
  • lack of power for acceleration, challenging to overtake lorries
  • no phone holder, and no ideal position for aftermarket phone holder.
  • aircond button can be challenging to locate in dark
  • storage space is limited
  • small size of wheel


Total Score: 4

Performance: 3

Quality & Features: 3

Space: 3

Ride Comfort: 5

Fuel Economy: 2

Price & Cost: 5

Summary of my story in one paragraph:

A car that trully deserves the name of “People’s car”. Affordable, Economy, well worth the price tag. Technically, this car can be driven from fresh license period, all the way to retire golden age period. You can park this car at anywhere without anything to worry about.


Proton Saga 2021 have it’s own WOW factor. I mainly used it for my work as a salesman.

My customer and my colleage will feel proud for me, take their time to have a look  on my car, some even took pictures of it. I also lend my car to those who wanted to give it a small test drive for experienc.

We could actually afford a safe, comfy and spacious car ( can fit a 55inch TV in the boot) with a very affordable pricetag!

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Source: Owner Review: The Starter Pack, My 2021 Proton Saga 1.3 Standard AT

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