Complete Knee Pain Solutions: Alternatives to Surgery

You’ve tried all the home remedies, gels, and painkillers and still suffer from knee discomfort. You can’t engage in physical activities as you used to before. You want to put an end to your persistent knee discomfort but are not ready for knee replacement surgery. 

It’s not just you. Around 80% of older adults suffer from knee pain. But surgery isn’t the only solution. So, what are those methods that can provide complete pain solutions? Here’s a guide on knee pain solutions that can help you avoid surgeries. 

Physical Therapy 

Knee pain can impact your mobility, balance, and strength. If your knee discomfort has kept you from performing, physical therapy can help you get back on track. Exercise, instruction, and hands-on care are all part of complete pain solutions, a type of treatment used to strengthen and release joints and muscles.

During physical therapy, a physical therapist will walk you through a treatment plan tailored to your treatment requirements. Each knee joint pain relief solution is performed with the objective of improving knee movement, lowering swelling, and enhancing balance.

Treatment regimens frequently involve hands-on treatment like massages, a customized home exercise program, and supervised exercise sessions with a physical therapist. The physical therapist will also inform you of the causes of your knee pain and demonstrate how to carry out daily tasks without experiencing pain or causing further damage.

Knee Pain Injections

Another treatment approach is an interventional method that can provide you with complete pain solutions. These knee pain injections, such as steroids and epidurals, help reduce inflammation and discomfort. 

Since inflamed tissue frequently contributes to knee discomfort, steroids lessen inflammation and provide pain relief by targeting the tissues. Steroid injections often take three to seven days to fully take action. However, a steroid injection may relieve knee pain in as little as 24 hours.

These injections can help you get long-term relief while enjoying a pain-free life. Ensure to contact a reliable team of specialists for this type of knee joint pain relief solution

Knee Pain Exercises 

The last thing you’ll want to try is exercising when your knees are sore and painful. Among the numerous health advantages of exercise, moving more can actually help you manage your joint pain in several ways, such as strengthening your muscles to support your knees and making your knees more flexible. 

How frequently should you work out? Just start moving right away. You’ll eventually be able to progress to working out 3-5 times a week. The secret is to establish and maintain a regular fitness schedule. However, ensure that you’re performing the right type of exercises that really offer you complete pain solutions. You can book an appointment with physical therapists to guide you with the right exercises. 


Although these treatment methods can provide you with complete pain solutions without undergoing any surgery, it’s recommended to find reliable specialists who actually work to offer you relief. Or you can book an appointment with the expert of Chicago Sports & Spine, known for offering long-term pain relief solutions. 

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