Bruce Weber On The Power of Shadows in Photography

Shadows have immense appeal in photography. If a photographer can use shadows the right way, the photographer can create a unique visual appeal for the beholders to admire. For this reason, the shadow is much regarded in fashion photography. Fashion photography has a commercial aspect attached to it. This genre is all about how one can sell a fashion item. For this reason, light plays a definite role in photography. It is all about how one can use light to accentuate the appeal of fashion items. Veterans speak about shadow photography because they say that there are times when a photographer does not have a choice. Blocking out the light is not always an option. There are times when light is simply not there to use. In this case, one will have to shoot in the shadows. 

Bruce Weber On Shadow Photography

Bruce Weber is a creative fashion photographer. He has years of experience in fashion photography. Bruce has written a few books on photography. These are available online for aspiring photographers. Bruce is a natural-born photographer. He is someone who believes in capturing moments rather than subjects. Bruce says that black and white photos come with a lot of appeal. Even though Bruce is famous for his fashion photography, he is also an expert in other photography genres. From nature to animals, Bruce gets his inspiration from everywhere. This is why he has succeeded in excelling in this industry. Bruce has assimilated a list of tips to help young photographers learn shadow photography.

Dramatizing Shadow Photos

A photographer needs to shoot photos at all hours. Perfect light is a rare event. Some photographers wait for the golden moment to come up for photo shooting. This is a mistake that only beginners make. The golden hour is when the sunlight is mild and a golden glow plays in the sky. This is the time when photographers capture their perfect shots. However, waiting for the right time is like waiting for the right inspiration. Both come rarely. Bruce says on a cloudy day or in winter, the golden hour does not appear. But photography does not stop due to sunlight. Therefore, a photographer needs to capture photos in all sorts of light. Bruce advises one to practice at different hours to understand shadows.

Take Advantage Of Harsh Sunlight

Harsh sunlight has a way of making photos appealing. Shadows become prominent in the sunlight. For this reason, one needs to take advantage of the sunlight and use the shadow that the sunray casts over the earth. This is good practice for beginning photographers. When one places the subject on the opposite side of sunlight, the subject appears to be standing in complete darkness. It creates a perfect shadow for photoshoots.

Bruce says that usually, experts don’t advise people to take photos when the sun is high on the horizon. But one can practice under sunlight to see whether one can use the shadows which sunlight causes. Bruce Weber encourages young photographers to practice artificial lights as well. It is because someday everyone needs to work in artificial lights.