How can you combat pregnancy hair loss?

Whether you are a first-time mum or have had a few babies to add more happiness to your life, one thing is sure that you are struggling with your post-pregnancy hair loss. While you are here, we are sure you are looking for a hair loss specialist in Melbourne City, and there are many who can help you.
All women experience hair loss of varying degrees and the following information will throw some light on the same. Mums are always curious to know about a lot of things about their babies, but they often ask the plausible solutions to deal with the hair loss. Firstly, post-pregnancy hair loss is quite common and one should be dreadful about it.
The moms that you see and follow-on social media were not always the same. It is possible that they do not even flaunt their real hair. It is true that your pregnancy took away the luster and sheen, and all of this happens due to those pesky hormones.
If you are new mother, you will experience the physical results of hair loss for approximately three months and this period will vary from person to person. While a hair loss specialist in Melbourne can try to reduce hair fall, you can try modern hair extensions as an exceptional solution to the problem of hair loss. For more information, talk to us.

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