A Complete Guide To Address “QuickBooks Error 15222” promptly

QuickBooks is a high-end application that is used to record transactions and perform tasks viz. tracking of finances, trial-balance, reconciliation, generating customer invoices, and providing a point of sales for retailers and payroll. Using payroll e-filing taxes, paychecks generation & direct deposit for 1099 contractors has become much simpler than ever. Though, sometimes users witness downtimes while working with payroll when they face software bugs in QuickBooks. “QuickBooks Error 15222” may trigger while the user downloads updates for payroll or QuickBooks, as updates are recommended to fix any bugs and improvements plus gets many security patches. One of the main reasons is that Internet Explorer is not set as the default web browser for QuickBooks. Besides, there are many other causes and preventive methods to obviate the error mentioned in the upcoming topics of the post.

On the other hand, the “QuickBooks Error 15222” error code is a payroll error that often occurs on the user’s screen, it could be rather fixed using the appropriate measures which are mentioned in the post. Notwithstanding, if you need to reach out for relevant help, you may call the helpdesk 1-(855)-856-0042 for more help.

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The ground on which “QuickBooks Error 15222” pops-up

  1. The Internet Explorer is not configured to be the default web browser for QuickBooks.
  2. The security programs installed (anti-malware) in the machine is countering the QuickBooks updates as they
  3. The feature of digital signature registration would not work in Internet Explorer.

Preventive Methods to rectify “QuickBooks Error 15222”

Solution-1: Exclude QuickBooks programs in the list of security applications

  1. Open the antivirus or firewall program installed on your machine.
  2. Make changes to the list of programs to be excluded from being detected for malware. Add the programs/domain names stated below-
    a. qbw32.exe
    b. qbupdate.exe
    c. QuickBooks.com
    d. Payroll.com
    e. Intuit.com
  3. Confirm the new list of program exclusions, save the changes. Retry downloading QuickBooks and payroll updates.

Solution-2: Manually update the digital signatures

  1. Quit ‘QuickBooks’ for this is necessary to locate & navigate the ‘Digital Signature’ option.
  2. Hold down the ‘Windows key’ + ‘F’ keys simultaneously. When the search window appears, type ‘QBW32.exe’ in the blank field to locate the file.
  3. When QBW32.exe appears in search results, right-click on it and choose ‘Properties’ from the drop-down.
  4. Click ‘Digital Signature’ and verify ‘Intuit, Inc.’ is chosen within the list.
  5. Go to ‘Certificates’, select ‘Install’. Follow the procedure by clicking ‘Next’. When the installation completes, hit ‘Finish’.
  6. To make the changes come into effect, it is highly advised to reboot the PC.
  7. Restart QuickBooks and attempt twice to download the QuickBooks or payroll updates.

If none of the above solutions, check whether you have an active QuickBooks payroll subscription service.

We conclude our blog. We hope that we were able to infer our users about the error code QuickBooks Error 15222” the best way, by explaining to you the basic causes and the remedies to fix it that will assist you in troubleshooting. We tried hard to make you aware of the error by answering all the queries raised from time to time. However, if the troubleshooting is hard for you or you have an additional query, call on the helpdesk number 1-(855)-856-0042 for hiring tech assistance anytime.

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