How to Draw A Velociraptor

How to Draw A Velociraptor. Dinosaurs have fascinated us for many years. By studying fossils, we may get a basic idea of what they might have been like, but we’ll never know what it would have been like to share the Earth with them.

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Despite this mystery, many people love dinosaurs, and media outlets like Jurassic Park films have helped bring lesser-known dinosaurs into the mainstream.

This is certainly true of velociraptors, which have been brought to frightening life in movies. Drawing a Velociraptor is a great way to show what these dinosaurs look like! If you love velociraptors, this is a guide to be noticed to Draw A Velociraptor!

How to Draw A Velociraptor

Step 1

We’ll start this guide with how to draw a velociraptor starting from the head. First, you can draw a small circle and add a point for the Velociraptor’s eye.

Some line detail then surrounds this to complete the printout. Next, draw some curved lines above the eyes, and then you can outline the head and face.

Velociraptors have fairly little Skulls with long mouths filled with pointy teeth. With these aspects of the head drawn, we can start drawing more dinosaurs as we move on to the next few steps to Draw A Velociraptor.

Step 2

To continue this Velociraptor drawing, let’s draw the back and top of this dinosaur’s tail. The back extends from the base of the neck and is drawn with a squiggly line.

This wavy line recedes and rises slightly to become the tip of the tail. We’ll be finishing up the rest of the tail outlines soon too.

Next, we’ll draw the Velociraptor’s leg. This goes to the side of the body, and you can use some curved lines for the thick hip of the leg.

The rest of the leg will be pretty skinny and angular, ending with creepy claws to Draw A Velociraptor.

Step 3

So far, in this tutorial on how to draw a Velociraptor, you have drawn one leg, and in this one, we will draw the other.

This second leg will look quite similar to the first, but because of the angle, it will look a little smaller. In this step, we will add the rest of the tail outline.

This is done with a similarly wavy line that runs parallel to the top outline and meets at a pointed tip.

With these drawn, the next step is to add the final outlines to Draw A Velociraptor!

Step 4

To complete the outline of this drawing of the Velociraptor, we’ll add some arms in this step.

This dinosaur’s arms were long and thin, ending in sharp claws that were no doubt pretty lethal to anything on the receiver end.

The arms are drawn with rounded lines, and then the hands are bent quite sharply to end up with the claws mentioned.

Now that you’ve finished drafting this design, we can move on to some final details in the next step of the guide to Draw A Velociraptor.

Step 5

You’ve completed the outline of this image, and in this step on how to draw a velociraptor guide, you can focus on adding some final details.

Draw A Velociraptor

There is much debate about what dinosaurs looked like, and theories range from feathered to lizard-like dinosaurs.

We went with the classic lizard-Esque option for this design and added some sharp, rounded stripes across the body to finish it off.

Will you use similar markings on your Velociraptor?

You could also choose different markings, draw a background, or even have a different theory about what this dinosaur looked like to Draw A Velociraptor.

Step 6

We may not know exactly what colors the Velociraptor would have displayed if any, but it’s still fun to imagine what they might have looked like!

Velociraptor Drawing

Our reference image showed you how we would interpret the colors.

We used lighter shades of green for most of the body and then some darker ones for the stripes themselves.

These are the colors we’ve chosen, and while you might as well pick your own, you might as well show off what your ideas would be with your drawing of velociraptors!

As mentioned, we have yet to learn what colors Velociraptors were, meaning you can let your color creativity run wild if you add some color.

Your Velociraptor Drawing is Finished!

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