Ways to get views on YouTube for Video Promotion

When asked how frequently artists should upload videos to their channels, many experts confidently suggest a general guideline Ways to get views on YouTube for Video Promotion. As your channel expands, you might start with one video per week and work your way up to three or four.

Recruit users from other social media platforms to join your audience:

This entails cross-promotion on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and others where you already have a fan base. Simply mentioning your YouTube channel in your Instagram or Twitter bio can accomplish this.

Another excellent technique to drive traffic from other social media accounts to your YouTube channel is to post a teaser of your most recent video. Because you can provide a trailer or taster of your video on Instagram Stories and direct users to it with a simple Swipe Up link, this feature is perfect for this.

In relation to the preceding advice, if you provide video teasers frequently, viewers will come to look forward to your content. They are poised to subscribe once they start looking forward to your work.

YouTuber Alexandra Gater specializes in DIY and home décor, and she utilizes Instagram Stories to advertise her weekly YouTube releases. Viewers are more likely to hit Subscribe after swiping up a few times so that her material can become a regular part of their weekend plans.

And here’s the ways to get views on YouTube for video promotion.

A social media scheduling service like Hoot suite, for example, may make cross-promotion considerably simpler. A comprehensive guide to developing a social media content calendar is also available.

Do keyword research for headings, summaries, and hashtags:

You can better title your new videos and pick the appropriate hashtags by understanding YouTube SEO and knowing which keywords associated with your subject matter people are searching for on the platform. But it might also provide ideas for your upcoming video subject.

If you run a YouTube channel on home brewing kombu Cha, for instance, preliminary keyword research may show that users are curious about things like how to pick the best brewing vessel, how to clean your brewing vessel, or how to carry out second fermentation. Each of these subjects may have its own video.

You may find out what keywords and phrases people are using to search for the information you’re offering by using SEO (search engine optimization) tools like Google Keyword Planner. Finding themes with lower competition ratings but larger search volume is your aim.

By doing this, you can prevent producing videos that nobody will watch. videos with obscure titles, etc.

Additionally, it will assist you in avoiding publishing before you’re ready on a subject that is already quite competitive.

If you’re unsure of where to begin with your keyword research, consider the kinds of search terms you may employ to look for material relevant to your sector.

For instance, Yoga with Adrienne’s Adrienne Mahler has a large collection of videos that begin with the phrase “yoga for…”

This terminology is exactly what people are likely to use while looking for videos of at-home yoga. Additionally, as Adrienne revealed to The Guardian in the spring, she occasionally bases her video creations on keyword and SEO research.

You may use YouTube Analytics to check which keywords are bringing viewers to your videos after you start to establish your channel. Look for patterns that could influence the future material you produce.

Click Analytics in YouTube Studio’s left menu to get to this data. To obtain a list of the top searches directing visitors to your page, click Traffic Source in the top menu, followed by YouTube Search.

You may always add fresh keywords and hashtags to older videos’ descriptions to make them more discoverable in YouTube search results.

Work together with other artists:

Create community. Find other YouTube creators to work with using your relationships so you may benefit from each other’s audiences. After all, your audience believes in your advice, and their audiences believe in theirs.

1. On the channel dashboard in YouTube Studio, scroll down to the Recent Subscribers card. Select SEE ALL.

2. From the dropdown menu in the pop-up window’s upper right corner, select Lifetime.

Now you can scroll through your subscriber list. If you want to view the YouTubers who have the most

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