What is Amazonite used for?

Amazonite is a mineral from the green variety of microlin. This stone belongs to the group of feldspars and is within the classification of silicates.

It was thought that the colors of this gem were due to copper since this metal is composed of blue and green tones, but recent studies have shown that its bluish-green hue is due to the amount of lead and water that the stone contains.

Scientists believed that the name of this stone was due to the Amazon River, but in reality, none of these stones have been found near the water flows. It was Alexander Von Humboldt, who reported that the inhabitants of a tribe that was located near the Rio Negro wore amulets made with these stones.

Amazonite Characteristics

  • It is a rock composed of silicon, lead, aluminum, and potassium.
  • When this rock is polished, you can notice all the bluish-green nuances.
  • If any sharp object touches the surface of this stone, a white line can be noticed.
  • It has a hardness of 6 to 6.5, according to the Mohs scale.
  • His tenacity is brittle.

According to the studies carried out on this stone, the green color it has is due to the high concentration of lead, which is the main reason why this stone develops such a unique and characteristic color.

What is Amazonite used for?

This precious stone is used to make ceramics and porcelain. The Microline is heated at high temperatures to melt it until it takes on a consistency similar to that of cement. After this process, the enamels that allow painting on ceramics are obtained.

Amazonite is a material that is also used in the glass industry because after polishing it, it can be used to make beautiful vases, jewelry, and ornaments.

There is no doubt that this wonderful mineral, in addition to being linked to the esoteric world, is also widely used to create beautiful ornaments.

Main deposits

The main deposits in which wonderful crystals of excellent quality have been extracted are from the United States, Madagascar, and Russia. However, at the source of the Vrae Valley in Peru, some specimens have also been found.

Spiritual properties of the Amazonite

  • Amazonite is a mineral that allows to balance the of energies.
  • Sweetness and goodness are the main contributions of this rock.
  • It acts on the heart chakra, the throat, and the third eye.
  • It allows us to maintain and improve the connection between the body and the soul.
  • It is responsible for repelling the evil energy that surrounds the body, preventing your body from feeling unbalanced.
  • Bring strength and security to yourself.
  • It is a mineral that helps calm the nerves.
  • Guarantees better sleep. You just have to place it under the pillow. 

Amazonite healing properties

  • We are talking about a really powerful mineral, which helps regulate metabolism. If you need to speed up your metabolism, take an Amazonite accessory with you, you will see that in a few months, you will be able to burn fat and transform your body.
  • During menstruation, this stone helps to relieve cramps, as well as reduce the annoying symptoms of pregnancy.
  • For elderly people who suffer from osteoporosis, low calcium levels, or cavities, it is recommended to carry an Amazonite.


  • This rock is perfect to wear around the neck in the form of a pendant, without a doubt this mineral improves people’s mood.
  • If you are a fearful person, we recommend placing an Amazonite on your throat, every day for 10 minutes, this will help you to be noticed without feeling afraid.
  • For joint problems, the stone should be placed on the third eye chakra for 10 minutes, so you can relax.
  • Amazonite is a perfect ally for those who suffer from mental fatigue, anxiety, or any other imbalance. So to mitigate all this, you just have to lie down and place an Amazonite stone in the center of the forehead for 10 minutes, for several nights in a row.

How to energize the Amazonite stone?

Before energizing the stone, it must be stripped of all negative energies. So for this, you can leave it in the light of the moon or the sun while the satellite and the star are radiating their light.

Another way to energize the Amazonite is to bury it in a pot or the garden for at least 8 hours, remember that it is necessary to release all the negativity that it has absorbed.

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