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The big Screen tv, market, and creative outlet are the Internet and mobile applications. The norms of marketing and e-commerce are being rewritten by internet personalities. In social media, likes, comments, and shares have essentially replaced money. The value of customer attention is almost equal to that of oil or gold. When businesses, individuals, and creatives are vying for the limited seconds of each viewer, everything is possible.

What could possibly pique their interest more than a singular event that is occurring right now and will never occur again? There you have it—real-time content. Recently, live video streaming services have become a popular addition to social media and mobile apps. This practice has been adopted by websites including Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and Youtube. If you’re unsure about whether you should follow suit, this article can help.

How Real Time Video Streaming Can Help Your Business Grow

Using live streaming technology, businesses and entrepreneurs may maintain real-time connections with customers and friends by offering exclusive content rather than intrusive advertisements. Inbound marketing for a brand can advance thanks to live video streams. They are affordable for individuals and small enterprises because of their inexpensive price.

Real-time video streaming has a variety of uses

Twitch is the largest and most widely used live game video broadcasting platform. Video game players have the option of streaming their own videos or watching others play their favorite games. Live video streaming helps internet daters interact virtually before meeting in person. App for Chinese dating Momo enjoyed rapid expansion after including the function in 2015. The company generated $406.9 million in live video service revenues in the third quarter of 2018. (If you’re still trying to figure out how to make an app that’s better than Tinder, the answer is probably, “Let them go live!”)

Real estate: Potential purchasers of properties can view properties through live broadcasting. Users don’t need to leave the company’s app to learn about the location, neighbors, insurance, taxes, etc.
Webinars: Live video feeds do more than just diversify professional talks. They close the gap between the customer and the vendor. That’s especially helpful for companies that don’t deal with customers directly. The majority of B2B businesses want a platform to share materials, offer online consultations or Q&A sessions, and get quick feedback from clients.

In the healthcare industry, live video streaming technology can help with patient support, intern education and training, conferences with coworkers, interviews, presentations, and more. Logistics: Businesses can employ systems that feed live video to manage the delivery process. The shipping agents, clients, or other stakeholders might watch video through a webcam placed in the truck’s luggage area. Such an application will benefit from the integration of geolocation and IoT.

Watch 360 videos of the latest events and destinations, as well as behind-the-scenes videos and 360-degree live video streams!

‎WATCH 360 EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS of latest events, destinations and behind the scenes VoDs and Live 360 videos! 360 VUZ app will let you Emerge Into Virtual Reality with a new and immersive 360 video experience. 360 VUZ is an innovative 360 VR App for playing exclusive 360 degree live streaming immersive videos.

Using 360 VUZ app, you can experience 360 video in a new and immersive manner.

With 360 VUZ, you can watch exclusive 360 degrees immersive videos in 360 degrees.

Live 360 channels can now be subscribed to and viewed via the VIP channel.

Using your hand or finger, you will be able to control what you want to see in each angle of the panoramic videos.

You can view 360VUZ VR VOD and Livestream videos and channels live in 360 degrees from the latest events (concerts, football, basketball, racing, car drifting, water sports, and many other sports, interviews, & more), destinations, adventures, places & behind the scenes prerecorded and live streaming experiences in 360 degrees. Through 360VUZ, you can watch concerts, sports events, adventure experiences, and location-based documentaries as if you were there yourself. Immerse yourself in your own personal 3D virtual reality content.

VUZ is the first application that allows users to view and create 3D virtual reality videos. This application allows you to watch virtual reality videos and stream 3D virtual reality content on your mobile phone or tablet in a convenient and easy manner. You can either view one of the many VR videos available on the app or choose from one of the many live broadcast channels. A subscription service is also available through 360VUZ that provides premium and exclusive content. New videos are added on a daily basis. You will enjoy every moment of the virtual reality action and 3D adventure just as if you were there in person.

A developing trend in video marketing is live video broadcasts. Increased dwell time and increased repeat visits to your platform due to the constant flow of new interactive video content can increase advertising and revenue prospects. The use of live streaming is not a universal answer. Live video streaming may be a great growth engine, though, if the feature is beneficial, cleverly incorporated into the system, and backed by covert revenue strategies.

Businesses are heavily putting money into their presence on social media, messaging apps, and IoT technologies. In order to compete for consumers’ attention, leaders build their own channels. Making a live video streaming service with a strong value proposition may be the best thing you’ve ever done.

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