Step-By-Step Guide to BigCommerce Product Uploads


BigCommerce Product Upload is important to start selling on BigCommerce. Until you will not add products to your Store, customers will not be able to see and buy your product. We met many sellers who had successfully set up their BigCommerce store but were not able to upload the products in the best way. This happens due to lack of knowledge.

Product upload is not just about adding products. There is a lot of valuable information to present in the easiest and most engaging way possible, as well as keyword research, optimizing keywords correctly in the title and description, and many other steps.

For a small business, it is quite expensive to set up a complete team for BigCommerce Product Uploads So they chooseBigCommerce product upload services. It can be less expensive in comparison with setting up a complete team. However, if you have a team who wants to learn the product upload process on a BigCommerce store, then you can suggest this guide to them.

Big companies do set up a small team for adding products to Bigcommerce stores. There can be various reasons to do so such as large business, various activities to handle, more control, better source availability, and most important having a good budget.

To help them both, we are going to explain the step-by-step process of uploading products on the BigCommerce store. read on.

Steps to Follow for Bigcommerce Product Upload

Here are the following steps to upload products on the BigCommerce Store.

1.Add Products via Add a Product Page

Log into your BigCommerce Store Admin Panel to add products. Once you logged in, go to “Products>Add a Product.”

On the Product Page, you can see the step-by-step process for filling up all product details to successfully add products.

On the first page, you can add Basic Information about your product. It includes;

  • Product Name
  • Price
  • Weight
  • SKU
  • Category

Once you’re done with adding basic details of your product, move to the next tab.

2.Add a Product Description

A product description is information you provide about your products. Your product description should include the most important things related to your product such as use, ingredients, benefits, safety precautions (if any), and other related details.

A quality product description is needed. You can always hire Bigcommerce product data entry services who are well-efficient to produce high-quality content for products. It helps sellers to engage buyers’ attention and help them to make a purchase.

3. Add High-Quality Product Images and Videos

Now it’s time to add images and videos of your products. Click on the Images section from the side list, and start uploading product photos and videos. You can add JPEG, JPG, PNG, and GIF. Bigcommerce stores do not support files like PDF and TIF.

You can also upload Videos of your product. It can be regarding the use of the product, or how to use the product. Make sure the product’s images and videos are of high quality.

For high-quality and quick image uploads, you can choose BigCommerce product uploadservices. This can streamline operations and allow the store owner to focus on other important tasks.

4. Add Product Identifiers

Product Identifiers help a seller to identify a product from the large inventory.  These identities are short codes assigned to every single product. It includes SKU UPC and MPN.  Each product has an identifier so that the seller can find the product easily and without clutter in the inventory.

These codes can also be helpful for sellers while importing or exporting products or inventory on other marketplace or channels. To quickly import or export products, choose our BigCommerce Data Entry Servicesand fast your import process.

5. Add the Pricing

This is the section where you have to add price details for your products. You can add sales price, cost, and MSRP via the advanced pricing option. Additionally, the bulk pricing option will allow sellers to provide discounts based on the quantity.

6. Track Inventory

Store owners need to specify how they want to control their inventory. There are two ways to monitor the inventory.

  • On the products level
  • On the variation level

7. Create Variations

Store owners can create product variations if they have any. Product variations help buyers to have a wide range of choices in colors, sizes, and more.

8. Customization

Customization is really important if you win the race for profit. BigCommerce offers a separate Customization section where you can provide modifiers of your product to customers. It helps customers to customize the product in their way and make a happy purchase.

With theBigCommerce Product Upload process, leverage the modifiers option like file upload, text box, or checkbox. All this will allow product customization. To add a modifier option, click on add modifier button.

To better customize ideas, outsource BigCommerce product upload services, and provide a better customization feature to the buyers.

9. Add a Rule

In BigCommerce product upload, Rules help to change product data like price, weight, image, etc. depending on which value combination or SKU the customer selects for their options. Store owners can add a rule by clicking on the add rule option, below the modifier option.

10. Storefront Information

This section is all about adding general information about your products, availability, features, store search keywords, and order value.

After this, you will see the custom field. You can skip this field. And ask the seller if they want to provide a custom feature to the audience.

11.Add Other Details Important To Your Product

  1. Weight and dimension of your product
  1. Add complete shipping information such as cost, availability of areas, and gifts.
  1. Add SEO to your product. It will help to rank the product page. If you’re not good at SEO, a professional product data entry service expert may help you with this.

12. Save Product Details

When you’re done with adding all the details, click on the “Save” button to save your product in your BigCommerce Store. You’re done!


I hope the BigCommerce Product Upload step-by-step guide helps you to add products to your BigCommerce store easily. 

If you want to outsource BigCommerce Product Data Entry services to make the task quick and smooth, then visit Faith eCommerce Services-A One Stop Solution for all your eCommerce needs.

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