Hillandale Farms On Business Growth Through Sustainability

Growing firms experience a variety of difficulties. As the industry expands, numerous issues and possibilities necessitate multiple strategies; how it ended up working one year ago may no longer now become the right strategy. Very often, foolish mistakes flip a potentially successful company into an afterthought.

Recognizing and conquering the potential mistakes of expansion is critical if your company is to continue growing and prosper. Most importantly, you must make sure that the choices you make today do not generate additional trouble in the future. An effective management style will assist you in capitalizing on possibilities and generating long-term growth.

Hillandale Farms – The Beginning of the Journey 

Orland Bethel of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, founded Hillandale Farms in 1958. It operates a headquarter in Greensburg, a supply chain in Plum, as well as egg production facilities in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Connecticut.

Orland expanded into West Virginia & Pittsburgh in the following years. In the 1960s, he expanded his business by distributing the A&P & Giant/Eagle industries. He expanded the company substantially by integrating marking into his service, to open different locations in Iowa and Chicago.

The company expanded to Florida in the mid-1970s and conceptual framework hens for the initial time. Shortly after, in 1980, Orland’s son Gary began working full-time for the firm. Gary served as chief through every job in the business as the business expanded throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio. He proceeded to drive trucks, continued to work on the assembly line, and assisted in the workplace. 

Hillandale Farms now enhances more than 20 million hens for egg production and ranks among the top five egg producers in the nation. Moreover, Kevin Jackson was appointed as the CEO of Hillandale. 

But it was not that easy for them to become this big. They have faced many challenges, and yet became one of the best among the community in the country. 

Growth Through Sustainability

Hillandale is knowns for its eggs and high-quality chicken meat. This farm has succeeded in establishing its reputation through hard work and painstaking planning. From a simple egg reselling company to one of the largest egg production farms, the journey has been a memorable one for the family-operated business. 

Orland Bethel started the business with much anticipation. His son has taken it to the next level. However, while growing in size, Hillandale has never forgotten its primary objective of giving back to society. It has established a farm that protects nature and contributes to its welfare. 

Hillandale has discovered the bliss of using solar power for egg production. They use the solar system to prevent energy wastage. Their approach toward nature has earned them several certificates. Hillandale has succeeded in creating a farm where chickens are taken care of. Animal cruelty-free farms are not easily found these days. Hillandale has ensured an animal-friendly environment by allowing their chickens to live out of cages. Energy efficient, and animal-loving, Hillandale has set an example for aspiring egg production companies to follow. 

Hillandale Farms plans to follow its legacy in the future. Kavin Jackson assures that Hillandale will only stick to its ethics and continue to serve its society.