Brazil On-Demand Grocery Market to get doubled from 2022 to 2027F by reaching ~USD 9 billion; owning to advancement of technology, high internet penetration rate and government initiatives: Ken Research

  • The market is expected to grow due to the increased awareness, penetration & consumption of internet and smart phones among the population post pandemic.
  • The Food Delivery Apps revenue is expected to increase due to services like advanced tools with the use of AI & ML, and other multiple solutions.
  • Time, Speed and Comfort are expected to be the demand-driving forces for the food delivery services in future.

Use of AI algorithms:  Q-Commerce industry is based on technology and keeps evolving using modern methods for better user experiences. Digitalization was a breakthrough for the industry. Algorithms coupled with AI & ML are being used to improve the decision-making process, scalability and multiple order route deliveries.

Internet Penetration & Smartphone Usage: With increasing internet penetration and usage of smartphones, more and more people have access to these services and are able to consume it. Along with this, the internet penetration in smaller areas will drastically increase the demand and usage of such services.

Convenient & Quick Delivery: Upcoming online business models are fulfilling the consumer demand with faster time, more convenience, competitive prices or lower to that of traditional shopping through physical stores.

Comfort for the working population: Q-Commerce provides the working population with the flexibility to order at their convenient time and place, contrary to the traditional mode which required purchasing only during the store’s open hours. They are able to save on their time, energy and costs of purchasing food & groceries, increasing the demand of such services.

Analysts at Ken Research in their latest publication- Brazil Quick Commerce– Market Outlook to 2027F”- Driven by the increasing digital adoption and internet penetration since the global covid-19 pandemic by Ken Research provides a comprehensive analysis of the potential of Quick Commerce Market in Brazil. The rapid adoption of digital tools in the daily lives of consumers has been accelerated by the pandemic and push in online shopping, the Quick Commerce market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.7% in between 2022P and 2027E.


Key Segments Covered:-

Brazil Quick Commerce Market

By Service Type:

On demand food delivery

On demand grocery delivery

By Delivery Time Period

within 10 minutes

within 15-20 minutes

within 35-40 minutes

By On-Demand Food Delivery

By Platform Type


Food Delivery Apps

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By Platform Type



On-Demand Grocery Delivery

By Business Model Type

E-Commerce Platforms

Brick & Motor Stores

Delivery Apps

Key Target Audience:-

Global Food Delivery Partners

Global Grocery Delivery Partners

E-Commerce Retailers

E-Commerce Service Providers

Door To Door Delivery Service Providers

Supply Chain System Providers

Financial Service Provider


Venture Capitals

Fin-Tech Companies

Government Bodies & Regulating Authorities

Time Period Captured in the Report:-

Historical Year: 2018-2021

Base Year: 2022P

Forecast Period: 2023F– 2027F

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Companies Covered:-


Uber Eats


Key Topics Covered in the Report:-

Brazil Quick Commerce Market Overview

Ecosystem of Brazil Quick Commerce Market

Business Cycle and Genesis of Brazil Quick Commerce Market

Export and Import Overview of Brazil Automotive market

Industry Analysis of Brazil Quick Commerce Market

SWOT Analysis of Brazil Quick Commerce Market

Key Growth Drivers in Market in Brazil

Major Challenges and Bottlenecks in Brazil Quick Commerce Market

Regulatory Framework in Brazil Quick Commerce Market

Competitive Landscape in in Brazil Quick Commerce Market

Market Share of Major Auto Finance Providers in Brazil Quick Commerce Market

Detailed Analysis on Brazil Quick Commerce Market (Market Size and Segmentation, 2018-2021P; Future Market Size and Segmentation, 2022-2027F)

Market Opportunity and Analyst Recommendations

For more information on the research report, refer to below link:-

Brazil Quick Commerce Market

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