A Beginner’s Guide on Selecting the Right Disc Golf Discs for Sale

Looking for a family-friendly game to play? Your backyard can become your new playground for playing disc golf. It’s one of the fastest-growing sports in the world and is incredibly entertaining and addictive. Additionally, you don’t even need much equipment for disc golf! If you want to start with this sport, all you need to have is first, quality disc golf discs for sale and second, a basket, whether portable or permanent. 

While utilizing suitable discs, you may improve your accuracy and control, have more fun, and advance your level of playing disc golf. You’ll want to experience the best during the entire playing journey from purchasing your first disc golf discs, making your first throw on a hole, and finishing your round. 

Let’s talk more about Disc Golf 

You will require some equipment as you are new to disc golf. So, find yourself a popular disc golf shop; you can also look for online retailers with a good reputation, as they will be selling quality products. Explore their collection and select the appropriate discs for yourself. 

You’ll explore four types of disc golf discs for sale: Distance Drivers, Fairway Drivers, Mid-Range, and Putters. Need to familiarize yourself with them? We’ll explain them to you! 

Distance Drivers 

As their name explains, distance drivers cover the maximum distance while flying farther than other types of discs. Due to their flatter profiles, broader rims, and sharper edges, these discs have higher aerodynamic flying abilities. The best distance driver can typically have a throw of a 500–600-foot range, demonstrating these discs’ great range. 

However, beginner disc golfers may find it difficult to consistently throw high-speed distance drivers since they require good power and proper technique to obtain the optimal flight. 

Fairway Drivers 

Like distance drivers, fairway drivers have beveled edges, but their rims are much narrower. Although they don’t fly as far as distance drivers, some disc golfers can still throw them at least as far. In comparison to distance drivers, they offer more natural glides, are typically easier to control, and fly straighter (depending on the stability of the disc). 

If you are new to disc golf, you can consider starting with a fairway driver. Fairway Drivers can assist you in learning better throwing skills and developing a faster arm speed.


These rounded-edged flying discs are slower than both drivers. Mid-range discs are utilized for more precise placement and approach shots because they often have high glide and superb control. If you have a solid midrange, you can manage your shot well without going too far off-target. 

Accuracy and stable glide are its primary features. As a result, your mid-range will become your new best friend as a disc golf player. 


Putter discs fly the slowest and have blunter, rounded edges. They are made for restricted flying and maximum control. Like all other disc golf discs, putters might have varying stability ratings, but they normally fly straight. Some golfers will use putters for accurate upshots and placement drives. 

The main goal of the putter is to put it into the basket. As a result, putters better capture the chains and allow less ground play.

So, which disc to choose as a beginner?

A mid-range disc that flies straight is first among the best beginner disc golf discs for sale. These discs are versatile and suitable for both putting and driving. We advise gradually adding more discs to your bag as your accuracy improves and you gain more confidence in your throwing technique. A putter can also be your initial addition, then a fairway driver, and then a distance driver last. 

Select the best Mid-range and Putter 

To make things easier for you, here we have brought the best Mid-Range and Putter you can consider buying initially. So, let’s explore both: 

Mid-Range – Discraft Buzzz 

Discraft Buzzz is a type of Mid-Range disc you’ll appreciate selecting when you start playing disc golf. Being one of the leading disc golf disc brands, Discraft’s Buzzz offers a perfectly stable point and ease when playing. The choice of many professional players, this mid-range is an ultra-dependable and straight-flying disc you’ll want to use again and again. 

Throwing it hard will allow you to put this disc in any disc golf line you want. It’s a perfect disc golf disc for sale to enhance your skills. 

Putter – Dynamic Discs Judge 

Dynamic Discs Judge is an excellent Putter you can use to practice the sport. This incredible disc golf disc for sale is quite predictable in flying and hits the chains perfectly. 

When you throw this disc, you can expect straight fly and glide even with a significant distance. Judge is a great putter you’ll appreciate investing in. 


Selecting the types of discs initially can influence your overall playing experience, so we highly advise you to go for these two discs to start practicing your hand at disc golf. Now that you know about the disc golf discs for sale you need to purchase them. But you’ll also want to get a sturdy basket, right?  So, visit the website of Disc Store to shop for a durable disc golf basket along with the above-mentioned mid-range and putter. We are the leading suppliers of Disc Golf equipment, partnering with top disc golf brands like Discraft, Innova, and Dynamic Discs. Shop from us, and experience all the best during your playing sessions! 

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