Owner review: Camry to Camry, Toyota is my way. My 2022 Toyota Camry 2.5V

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Basic information of my car:

Toyota Camry 2.5V 2022

Reasons why I bought this car

Good Looking interior and exterior

Good engine performance

Low maintenance cost


Car selection process  

  • I had a budget of: RM 200k.
  • Models that I have considered include: Honda Accord, VW Passat, Used Toyota Camry 2019.
  • Reasons why I chose this car:

I choose Toyota Camry instead of other because of the camry is always my first priority, I also compare camry to other brand car, Honda Accord doesn’t give me a good impression at first looking, and also Honda Accord interior doesn’t give me a D-segment feeling, VW passat everything is advance and good looking but if only choose R-line, run out of my budget, and also VW maintenance cost is quite high compare to toyota.

User experience

  • I have already done 3319KM.
  • My average fuel consumption is 9.5L/100km

This gen of Toyota Camry doesn’t disappoint me on every part of my expectations, no matter in city drive or long distance drive, its give me feel comfortable and good performance in driving. When driving the Camry, its feel like the car is telling me that, “If you want speed, I already standby it anytime, if you want comfortable, I always provide it. Nothing much to complain about it.

Pros of my car:

  • Comfortable Level Max
  • Advance Interior compare to other D-segment car
  • Engine performance very good
  • Suit for family outing or business uses.
  • Official announce fuel is 550km +/-, actually can reach 650km –  670km full tank.

Cons of my car:

  • No Sunroof
  • Wireless charging useless
  • Suspension is low, run through every road pump is shake


Total Score: 4

Performance: 5

Quality & Features: 4

Space: 5

Ride Comfort: 5

Fuel Economy: 5

Price & Cost: 5

Summary :

My previous car is a used 2009 Camry, this is the first car that I bought from a second hand car dealer, I like it so much, till the day I decided to upgrade my car, I chose a new Camry, and this consider as one of my best choice in my life, even though its quite expensive about 210k OTR, I still feel very satisfied on this car no matter in what angle. But, to be honest, the exact feeling of the suspension, I feel like those old camry is better, when run throught the road pump, old camry is much better.

Interesting event:

Tbh, Once I decided to buy this camry and until I received the car, I got a better sales/income in Q1 2022 campared to Q1 2021, maybe its the car bring me luck or I have to pay installment so I need to work hard. But I felt way much confident when I bring this car out.


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Source: Owner review: Camry to Camry, Toyota is my way. My 2022 Toyota Camry 2.5V

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