Would you buy this Honda CB150R-lookalike if it’s priced really cheap?

The Haojian V8 150R. Looks familiar? PHOTO FROM AUTOFUN INDONESIA

So, while surfing the net for moto porn (no, really), one particular motorcycle model caught my eye. It looked very similar to the Honda CB650R minus the three cylinders.

In a feature article published by our colleagues at Autofun Indonesia, they opined that the bike in question, the Haojian V8 150R, is almost an exact copy of the Honda CB150R (CB650R’s little sibling).

Taking styling cues from Honda’s Neo Sport Café series, the Haojian V8 150R is practically a clone of the CB150R save for one crucial detail, the radiator. The V8 150R is fitted with an air-cooled engine while the CB150R is equipped with a liquid-cooling system, though they both have a 150 cc single-cylinder engine.

Check out the fine details of the Haojian V8 150R in these photos from Autofun Indonesia.

As far as I know, we still don’t have the V8 150R in the local market, and I have yet to encounter a dealership that sells Haojian motorcycles.

If the V8 150R is sold locally, I understand there will only be intellectual property issues when Honda decides to sell the CB150R locally.

We must note that the CBR150R and the CB150X are being sold locally by Honda. Both models share their platform with the CB150R, so it’s logical to assume that the CB150R will probably reach our shores soon. That will, of course, depend on the demand, as backbone commuter bike sales have been going down in the past few years.

The Honda CB150R as sold in Thailand.
The Honda CB650R already available in the Philippines.

In any case, any enterprising importer could market the V8 150R as a cheap lookalike of the CB650R, which is lusted after by many of us.

If so, would you buy this so-called copycat just because of its looks, or would you instead invest and have that winged logo adorn the sides of your tank?




Source: Would you buy this Honda CB150R-lookalike if it’s priced really cheap?

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