Five Life Lessons from Togo Movie

Disney+ released “Togo,” a new movie that is based upon a true story. The movie tells the story of Leonhard Seppala and Togo, his sleddog. They set out together on an epic journey across Alaskan Tundra to save Nome, Alaska from a deadly diphtheria attack.

“Togo,” while a movie packed with action, also offers great lessons for life that we can all take away. Here are five of these most important lessons.

1. Don’t give up on your dreams

No matter your age or how many times it has been unsuccessful, it’s never too late. Leonhard Seppala (the movie’s director) is in his 60s as he embarks on Togo’s journey. He could have given in and just stayed at home. But he did not. He persevered in spite of blizzards.

2. Trust your instincts

Leonhard’s instincts are often triggered by others, and there are many examples throughout the film. Leonhard’s intuition tells him to abandon the path he has been following when his team tries to find the best way to navigate a dangerous stretch of land. Even though the rest of the team is against him, Leonhard trusts his gut and it works out in end.

3. Never underestimate yourself

Anna Leonhard’s spouse tries to get him to agree to the journey, but he refuses. He proves her wrong repeatedly, showing her that he is stronger than she believed. This proves that you don’t need to underestimate yourself.

4. Don’t be afraid to give up for others

Leonhard, throughout the movie, makes many sacrifices for the good of others. Leonhard risked his own life in order to save his dogs. To give credit to someone else, he gave up his chance of glory. This shows that sometimes it is necessary to place others’ needs before our own.

5. Be grateful for the little things of life

Leonhard, after all the film’s ending, returns home to his wife, and their daughter. As they sit around the dinner table, Leonhard considers all the little things that make life worthwhile: the warmth of the fire, the hot meal and the people he most loves. It’s a reminder of how important it is to appreciate all the little things in life.


“Togo,” an action-packed adventure film, has great lessons for us all. It doesn’t matter what age you are or how many failures you have, it’s never too late. Follow your gut instincts. Don’t underestimate yourself. Give up on your ambitions. Enjoy the small things in life. These valuable lessons can be applied to our daily lives, regardless of how epic the journey is.

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