Proven Remedies to Comfortably Repair QuickBooks Error PS033

Unlike other ordinary accounting softwares, QuickBooks allows users to perform Payroll to the employees, vendors, and suppliers without any third-party involvement. Therefore, maintaining the efficient working of Payroll requires regular updates. But many users have complained of invoking QuickBooks Error PS033 whenever they initiate this update or while accessing the company file. This blog is dedicated to serving you all the information required to resolve QuickBooks Payroll Error PS033.

Overview of QuickBooks Desktop Error PS033

A faulty CPS folder within QuickBooks is said to ignite Payroll Update Error PS033 and make its presence felt with a prompt error message saying, “QuickBooks can’t read your payroll setup files.[Error PS033].” The impairment of the CPS folder, consisting of vital files integral to Payroll updates, will cost you to lose the ability to use Payroll.

Provoking complications for QuickBooks Company File Error PS033

This section shows the prominent reasons that trigger QuickBooks Error PS033 through the following list.

  • As discussed earlier in the article, the most significant reason is the damage or corruption of the CPS folder.
  • Irregular updates by users will make them use older versions of QuickBooks Desktop, resulting in this error.
  • User Account Control settings are being used or turned on when on QuickBooks.
  • A damaged company file stems many errors, including QuickBooks Payroll Error PS033.
  • Payroll update intervened by a third-party program.

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Troubleshooting tricks to fix QuickBooks Error PS033

Trick 1: CPS Folder Name needs to be edited

  • Close QuickBooks or Exit from it to follow this path in your computer’s File Explorer C:\ Program Files\ Intuit\ QuickBooks 20XX\ Components\ Payroll\ CPS
  • Avail of the standard method to change the name by right-clicking the CPS folder and choosing Rename.
  • Edit the name to CPSGHJ and hit Enter to save the modifications
  • Relaunch QuickBooks and seek to download the Payroll updates.

Trick 2: Acquire the newest Payroll Tax Table

  • Arrive on the QuickBooks app and enter within the Employees tab.
  • Now reach to choose Get Payroll Updates and subsequently click on the Download entire payroll update option.
  • Lastly, click the Update alternative.

Trick 3: Change User Account Control settings to Off

  • Enter within the Start menu and tap to choose the Control Panel alternative.
  • Now visit the User Accounts section and select the same option in the following wizard.
  • Then go to the Change User Account Control Settings column and click Continue.
  • Amend the slider to shift it to the Never Notify mode and click OK.
  • Relaunch QuickBooks and seek to download the Payroll updates.


The different phases of this article consisted of the introduction, overview, and causes of the QuickBooks Error PS033 for your understanding, along with the main section on practical solutions. Hopefully, they have helped you eradicate the issue and update Payroll seamlessly.

Nonetheless, if QuickBooks Error PS033 was not solved satisfactorily or you need assistance with other QuickBooks issues, don’t shy away from dialing 1.855.738.2784 to try out the best-in-class services of our accounting experts.

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