Owner Review: Sweet and Grit, My 2007 Mercedes C200

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Basic information about my car:

Mercedes C200 from 2007

Origin of purchase:

The car was a unit that came from the UK and was bought in the year 2012. Back then, it was relatively new. I continued to drive the car for another 8 years and surprisingly, the car only gave me some headache after 6 years.


Although the car was a recon car, I must say that the drive was very much Mercedes still. The car came with a 1.8L supercharged engine or as Mercedes would call it, a Kompressor engine. The power delivery was up to my expectations. It kicks in as soon as you floor the gas pedal. Overtaking was flawlessly easy. I definitely enjoyed driving the  German machine.



Although the car came out in the late 2000s, it was still relevant even until now. The car is able to remain relevant because the safety and tech packed in the car was years ahead of its time. You won’t believe it when I say I still get surprised by its features till the day I sold the car. You accidentally leave the sunroof open? It’s fine, the sensors will close it for you if it rains or if it’s blazing hot. The car really came with a lot of easter egg features.


Now comes the headache.

The car was doing fine, 200KM/H, no problem. But then the engine was totaled thanks to the camshaft. I really had to fork out almost 30k just to get the car fixed. I think that was the biggest problem I faced with the car cause I had to overhaul the engine. Ever since that, the car still drives the same but problems kept on coming. The ECU, the sensor, the engine and eventually I had to let the car go.

But all in all, I’d definitely get the recent C200 when it gets here. In the mean time, I’ll just enjoy my Proton X50


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Source: Owner Review: Sweet and Grit, My 2007 Mercedes C200

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