Coming to Malaysia – BYD Seal, up to 700 km range, 530 PS

At the launch of the BYD Atto 3, BYD SD Motors Malaysia (the distributor of BYD cars in Malaysia) has also previewed the BYD Seal. The company is aiming for a Q4 2023 launch here.

The BYD Seal is billed as a Tesla Model 3 competitor. Unlike the Atto 3, its electric motor powers the rear wheels or all four.

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In China there are four variants offered with power outputs that range from 201 PS to 523 PS. Below is a quick glance:

  • Standard Range, RWD Elite/Premium – 550 km range, 201 PS motor
  • Long Range RWD – 700 km range, 312 PS motor
  • Long Range AWD Performance – 650 km range, 523 PS motor

The AWD Performance variant is claimed to go from 0-100 km/h in 3.8 seconds. Battery capacity is 61.44 kWh in the Standard Range variants while Long Range versions get an 82.56 kWh battery.

The Seal is also the first BYD model to use the cell-to-body (CTB) structural battery system. As mentioned on the tin, the battery becomes a structural element of the entire vehicle instead of being combined with modules.

BYD claims the new CTB battery increases the battery pack volume utilization by 66% and a 50% increase in structural safety in an event of a frontal crash.

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Source: Coming to Malaysia – BYD Seal, up to 700 km range, 530 PS

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