After losing daughter to speeding biker, Singaporean court fines father SGD 5k for reckless driving, child seat not used

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After causing a crash due to unsafe driving, a Singaporean father not only lost his 2-month-old daughter but was also slapped with an SGD 5,000 fine, proving once again how important it is to drive with care and restrain your child in a child seat whilst on the roads.

According to The Straits Times Singapore, the accident which took place in September, happened when the driver took a right turn from Tampines Avenue 10 to 11.

The driver was turning right at the junction when an oncoming speeding motorcyclist crashed into the vehicle’s left rear door 

Having a restricted view of the opposing path due to construction barricades, the driver failed to notice an oncoming (speeding) motorcyclist who collided with the left rear passenger door. Inside, the driver’s wife was cradling their 2-month-old daughter, whilst their 3-year-old son sat on the right rear side.

The impact flung the infant out of the mother’s hand and caused injury to their 3-year-old son, although the infant seemed fine at the time. The motorcyclist, on the other hand, was thrown off the motorcycle, falling unconscious to the ground, though he would later survive with serious injuries.

Although all parties were rushed to the hospital, the 2-month-old infant succumbed to injuries later that day.

Following the incident, the motorcyclist was issued a composition fine for speeding (between 97-129 km/h in a 70 km/h zone), but the driver still received a fine amounting to SGD 5,000 for unsafe driving that caused the collision with the motorcyclist, who had the right of way. The driver would also be banned from holding any driver’s license for the next 5 years.

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Although this very unfortunate incident was caused by a variety of reasons, perhaps the most critical countermeasure that may have saved the 2-month-old infant was a child seat.

Child seats are designed to take advantage of the car’s normal anchorage points (like seat belts and ISOFIX points) and cradle the child in the correct position.

Besides properly securing the child in place, child seats place your child in a reinforced shell to give them the best protection, and therefore, the best chance of survival in the event of a crash.

Source: After losing daughter to speeding biker, Singaporean court fines father SGD 5k for reckless driving, child seat not used

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