10 Questions Startup Founders Should Ask

You’re now thinking about starting your own startup. Congratulations! It is a very exciting time in your personal life. Be careful not to get ahead of yourself. There are some things you can do to ensure your startup succeeds. Interviewing the founders (or founders of) the startup is one of these things.

Why? Because the founder is the heart of the startup. They have the vision and passion to make that vision a reality. They will also be responsible for ensuring that the startup runs smoothly every day. It is crucial that you ask them tough questions to ensure they are up to the challenge.

1. What was it that inspired you to create this startup?

2. What problem can your startup solve?

3. Who are your target markets?

4. How can you acquire customers?

5. How competitive is your market?

6. What’s your business model?

7. How can you make money?

8. How do you plan to reach milestones?

9. What amount of money are you able to raise?

10. Who are your investors


These 10 questions will give you a better idea of the founder’s commitment to the startup. This will give you insight into the startup’s potential success. Even if you don’t know the answers, it is important that the founder has considered them and created a plan to address them. Good luck!

questions to ask a founder

Pravin Shah

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