Tesla EVs just became more affordable in Thailand, officially enters Thai market with Model 3 and Model Y

The Tesla Model 3 and Model Y EVs were officially introduced in Thailand. PHOTO FROM TESLA THAILAND

American electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Tesla officially launched its Thailand operations on Dec. 7, 2022 with two of its best-selling models.

The firm unveiled the Tesla Model 3 compact sedan and the Tesla Model Y compact crossover at a ceremony at the Siam Paragon shopping mall in Bangkok.

Tesla said customers in Thailand can now order the two EVs, with deliveries scheduled for the first quarter of 2023.

The company said the first batch of Thai Tesla buyers can get a customized, premium Home Charging package.

For the first batch of delivery in Q1, Tesla owners in Thailand can purchase a limited premium Home Charging package with customized styles and colors.  Site visits and installation by Tesla-certified installers included may likewise be availed.

Tesla also announced that it will set up its first Tesla Supercharger charging station and service center by March 2023. It expects to open at least 10 stations by the end of next year.

The firm claims a Supercharger station can provide 275 kilometers of range in just 15 minutes.

681-kilometer max range for Model 3

The Model 3 will be available in three variants: Standard Range, Long Range, and Performance.

The Model 3 Standard Range uses a 60-kWh battery pack connected to a single electric motor powering the rear wheels. It pumps out 283 PS and 450 Nm, with a claimed maximum range of 559 kilometers.

The Tesla Model 3 will be available in three variants in Thailand. PHOTO BY TESLA THAILAND

Meanwhile, the Model 3 Long Range and Performance both have an 82-kWh battery pack and dual electric motors, making them all-wheel drive. 

The Long Range makes 351 PS and 510 Nm of torque, with a claimed maximum range of 681 kilometers. 

The Performance gets a whopping 470 PS and 639 Nm of torque, which is good for a claimed maximum range of 608 kilometers and a 0 to 100 km/h time of 3.3 seconds.

The Tesla Model 3 with its spartan interior is now available in Thailand. PHOTO FROM AUTOFUN THAILAND

2,158-liter storage space for Model Y

Meanwhile, the Model Y five-seat crossover will also come in Standard Range, Long Range and Performance, with all three packing a 75-kWh battery.

Although there are no official power figures for the rear-wheel-drive Standard Range variant, it does have a claimed maximum range of 510 kilometers.

The Tesla Model Y crossover will likewise be available in three trims. PHOTO BY TESLA THAILAND

Meanwhile, the all-wheel-drive Long Range and Performance models get 396 PS and 424 PS, respectively. 

The claimed maximum range is 623 kilometers for the Long Range and 582 kilometers for the Performance, which can also do 0 to 100 km/h in a blistering 3.7 seconds.

Tesla said the Model Y also has 2,158 liters of maximum cargo space.

Half the price of gray-import Teslas

Tesla Thailand said both the Model 3 and Model Y come with:

  • A private theater and entertainment system with built-in YouTube, Netflix, and in-car gaming arcade

  • Access to your Tesla via the Tesla Mobile App to control the charging and temperature. The Sentry Mode also ensures vehicle security anytime and anywhere

  • Tesla Autopilot, which assists rivers with the most burdensome parts of driving. The owner can also upgrade to Enhanced Autopilot or Full-Self Driving for more advanced functions, including Navigate on Autopilot and Autopark.

Prices for the Thai-market Teslas are said to be around half of what gray importers there are charging. Here’s the official price list, with conversions as of press time:

  • Model 3 Standard Range – 1,759,000 THB (around P2.78 million)

  • Model 3 Long Range – 1,999,000 THB (around P3.16 million)

  • Model 3 Performance – 2,309,000 THB (around P3.66 million)

  • Model Y Standard Range – 1,959,000 THB (around P3.1 million)

  • Model Y Long Range – 2,259,000 THB (around P3.58 million)

  • Model Y Performance – 2,509,000 THB (around P3.97 million)


Similarly, grey market importers have been accepting orders for Tesla models in the Philippines. Recently, the Tesla Model 3 has been advertised as selling for ₱4.9 million.

With EVs gaining traction here in the Philippines, maybe Tesla CEO Elon Musk can consider the Philippines as another potential market it can set up an official shop in. 

Source: Tesla EVs just became more affordable in Thailand, officially enters Thai market with Model 3 and Model Y

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