Packaging for today should be demand of tomorrow

Packaging in today’s world is not only a protective barrier for the product but is now more part of the consumer experience. Custom boxes are now designed in line with the needs of modern consumers to give them the best experience ever combined with eco-friendly alternatives that serve to reduce waste going to landfill.

An overview

Packaging has been with us for centuries, but its basic function was only to protect the packaged products from all kinds of harmful factors. The potential of traditional styles used to be limited due to the materials used in them, but with the advancement of technology, there is a whole new innovation in packaging materials and designs. The custom printing and packaging solutions now available in the market are highly functional and effectively perform multiple roles rather than just protection. The marketing box packaging used today is more like the sales manager of a brand in the company for its effectiveness in the promotion process. Custom cardboard boxes now work to build consumer loyalty due to the experience they provide. In short, customized boxes for products are very important nowadays and it is essential to design them well.

Custom Printed Boxes – The Latest Trends in the Industry

It is important to effectively design the product packaging to unleash its potential and the trends of the society are like the basic guidelines to follow. These trends help paperboard packaging wholesalers in the design process by conveying consumer preferences to manufacturers. Trends in the industry are constantly changing, and these trends are now paving the way for better custom printed box designs that are more durable than ever, provide consumers with an efficient experience, make items safer and more absolute.

Product Box Packaging Trends

There are now several trends affecting the nature of materials and design of product box packaging used in the industry. These trends now focus primarily on the sustainability of packaging designs to minimize resource use and the amount of waste going to landfill, combined with providing the highest level of consumer experience.

Sustainability of Packaging Designs

Packaging designs used in the past were mostly made from non-biodegradable materials such as plastics and other types of petroleum-based alternatives. Such packaging projects were highly dangerous to the environment and resulted in an increase in the amount of waste going to landfills, as well as their negative effects on the sea and wildlife. Sustainability of packaging designs is now the top concern of the industry, leading to a green trend.

Consumers also want their products packaged in biodegradable packaging and according to a recent survey, 72% of global consumers are overwhelmingly willing to pay more for personalized and sustainable product packaging. Cardboard product packaging is widely used in industry for this purpose due to its environmental friendliness and ease of use. The material is very versatile and can provide multiple benefits to enhance visuals and ensure product safety

Customized Shipping Boxes – A New Medium for Branding

There is no doubt that the Internet is now a new market rather than physical stores. Consumers find it easier to shop online instead of going to stores because it is more convenient. Products are delivered right to their doorstep and they find it easy. For this reason, all good brands now have an online presence and shipping boxes are designed around online needs. While e-commerce packaging is the fundamental medium businesses use for their marketing, it is now a trend in the industry to design custom shipping boxes that are alluring with the imprint and support the image of company brand to provide consumers with an appropriate experience in addition to helping manufacturers ensure the safety of their products.

Box Packaging Ideas – A Second Life to the Box

According to a survey, when consumers were asked what they would like in a box packaging, most consumers answered that they give the box a second beneficial life. Packaging box manufacturers are now coming up with new and innovative packaging ideas to meet the trend as it can shape the future of packaging. Not only does it help to make the consumer happy, but it also works towards waste reduction in the industry, as consumers can creatively reuse packaging to give it a second life. Moreover, the creatively designed color box packaging also works effectively in attracting the majority of the public to increase the sales of a brand as well as working for better reputation and recognition of the companies in the market.

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