Capture the best deals from DDPAI this 12.12 to capture the best dashcam footage

It goes without saying that the open road can be a dangerous place. A few years ago, any accident on the road involving 2 or more parties was essentially a case of “he said, she said.” If there were conflicting reports regarding an accident, fortune always favoured the more persuasive party in that altercation, unless a reliable witness stepped forward.

Nonetheless, as is always the case, technology stepped up to slip into the role of that reliable witness in the form of a dashcam that has since become a necessity for all drivers.

Dashcams are a tiny camera usually positioned behind the rear-view mirror with the sole purpose of recording a wide view of the vehicle’s front to protect the driver against fraudulent insurance claims or even theft should an untoward incident occur.

They’re now an essential, providing evidence in the event of an accident or on a more light-hearted note, funny reels for quick entertainment on social media.

Considering that the primary purpose of a dashcam is to capture evidence in an incident, it’s cardinal to note that said evidence must be damning and detailed or else it would be basically useless.

Details such as the make and model of the car involved, the colour or in a best-case scenario, the number plate, should be clear. With that in mind, selecting a capable dashcam is crucial to capture all the necessary evidence.

A brand that’s become synonymous with the best dashcams in the market is the quirky-sounding DDPAI. You may have heard of them but more importantly, you’ve definitely seen their products in action.

Any dashcam footage you’ve seen online with augmented reality detailing the speed of cars in the footage; not the car with the dashcam itself mind you, is the handiwork of DDPAI.

Of course, data of the main car such as speed, G-force, altitude and GPS are recorded but only available during playback. Having GPS data is crucial in determining who the fault lies with during an accident.

The latest dashcam from DDPAI that has all the improved bell and whistles is the Z50. In conjunction with the upcoming 12.12 sale, the Z50 and other products will be available on their Shopee store with a significant savings.

Playback will reveal the speed, GPS, altitude and G-force data.

However, much like all essential gadgets we’ve become dependent on, the dashcam isn’t a one-size-fits-all tool. Similarly, to a smartphone or even a car, the choice falls squarely on if this device can fulfil what you require of it.

In other words, it’s about how the Z50 protects you on the road.

Circling back to the smartphone correlation, each and every gadget should possess a certain set of features to do what you demand of it.

In the case of the Z50, the flagship of the DDPAI range ticks all the important boxes for a dashcam. That being footage sharp enough to identify the number plate and being able to do so in low-light conditions.

Many of the cheaper dashcams sprouting up everywhere lack the capability to capture sharp footage, let alone in poor lighting. You wouldn’t realise how important that is until you’re involved in a hit-and-run but can’t identify the number plate of the offending vehicle, bringing you back to the “he said, she said” scenario.

The Z50 has 2 primary armaments in its arsenal to do this, shooting in 4K courtesy of a Sony IMX 415 sensor and NightVIS Technology.

Available in a pairing of front and rear cameras, the front camera with the Sony IMX415 Sensor shoots in a wide 140-degree angle.

Further aiding the video quality is Realcube Image Technology. It might sound intimidating, but the most important part is to remember that it restores the essence of colour. This helps in determining the right car involved if the plate isn’t visible.

Realcube Image Technology restores the vibrancy of the colours in the footage.

Many a time, poor lighting has resulted in dashcams being unable to capture important data such as the opposing car’s plate. No prizes for guessing that this happens the most during sundown. NightVIS Technology is an inhouse development designed to refine recordings in low-light conditions.

Lastly, tying everything together is a new, more powerful Rockchip RK1126 processor.

The number plate is still clearly visible even during low-light conditions.

Nowadays, having a front dashcam alone has proven to be insufficient. With that in mind, the Z50’s rear solution utilises a RC1 – 1080P camera with a 125-degree angle, carried over from its predecessor Z40 as well as the mid-range Mola N3 Pro.

DDPAI has also gone the extra mile to make the Z50 easier to mount. It has a built-in bracket and the housing itself is sturdier, lending to improved tactile feel.

The front and rear cameras can be bought as a package. However, the front is sold separately as well.

Rounding up its list of features are core requirements expected of any top notch dashcam as well.

These include a D2 Save Emergency Storage of 1GB. Simply put, this is an internal memory should the SD car fail.

The Z50 supports SD card storage up to 128 GB.

Additionally, there is an element of active safety under the guise of Front Vehicle Start Alarm. The Z50 can identify if the vehicle ahead has moved and will issue an audible warning for the driver.

The screen itself is larger than its predecessor with a more high-tech interface that’s extremely user-friendly.

Lastly, the super capacitor within it serves as a back-up power source to ensure that file writing is complete in the event of a sudden power loss. Super capacitors are proven to be more adept at handling the heat that’s synonymous with local weather compared with traditional lithium-ion batteries in other brands.

If you’re in the market for a dashcam with a front and rear setup, the DDPAI Z50 is among the best options in the market. In conjunction with the 12.12 year-end sales, DDPAI is offering discounts up to 50 percent on their official Shopee store.

You’ll be able to find a front and rear combo starting from just RM 529 during the 12.12 sale but you’ll have to be on your toes because the best of the best deals are only from 12am-2am.

Source: Capture the best deals from DDPAI this 12.12 to capture the best dashcam footage

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