Top 7 Types of Birthday Cakes Your Filipino Friends and Family Will Adore!

It is generally accepted that the Philippines is one of only a handful of last remaining wonderlands of unexplored cuisines. The world’s most beloved fares – those from Thailand, India, China, Japan, France, and Mexico – have almost been wrung dry thanks to uncontrolled commercialization.

The average Filipino palate is far more sophisticated than you would believe unless you have been to the biggest cities in the Philippines. The colonial period has left its mark, and that has been complemented by several domestic gastronomic items that have together created a unique and enviable gourmet adventure.

More to the point, the vast majority of those who wish their friends and family in this archipelago usually send flowers to Philippines. It makes good sense given how enormously rich the country is in biodiversity.

Thanks to the rise of modern e-commerce and heightened penetration of the Internet across bigger cities like Manila and its suburbs and Cebu, flower delivery in Philippines is facing a boom like never before. Some of the world’s most highly prized blossoms are available in the iconic Dangwa and the Tagaytay flower markets at very reasonable prices.

While flowers are admired all though the year and are not restricted to any specific occasions, they are often paired with chocolates and cakes for birthday gifts. These combo gifts in Philippines are gradually gaining traction and are now sent to even the remotest towns and hamlets.

Filipinos are especially fond of cakes. The variety of birthday cakes available, for instance, is immense. Every year, this number keeps rising.

If you have friends and/or family in the country and are wondering what types of cake deliveries in Philippines are in vogue, you’re in the right place!

Let’s have a quick dekko of the best types of birthday cakes guaranteed to be appreciated by kids and adults alike.

7 different & irresistible cakes for birthdays

Before starting off, do remember that all cakes are perishable. Hence, they need to be delivered on time.

Perhaps pre-booking a slot with the best agency for birthday cakes delivery in Philippines should be your first step!

  1. Pound cakes

This is probably one of the most recognizable confectionaries of all. It’s essentially a sub-type of a butter cake but it gets its name from the ingredients used. One pound each of flour, butter, sugar, and eggs. Most purists will balk at the idea of using baking powder as a leavening agent and will go with the eggs instead.

Some people are allergic to eggs, however, and then the baker’s best friend has to be added. But for mildly allergic folk, it is a good idea to separate the yolk and the egg whites and then use them (after folding them) as batter since it separates the heavier proteins and does not trigger allergens as often.

Pound cakes were mass-produced during the ‘Battle of Britain’ in 1941 when Nazi Germany bombarded the islands. It was cheap, easy to make, and used only 4 things essentially. RAF pilots were issued with these cakes for their own missions.

The modern pound cake is often garnished lightly with water icing and it has retained its low-sugar origins. Almost all of these cakes are baked in what’s known as a Bundt pan.

Adding a couple of pound cakes before placing your final orders for flower delivery in Philippines can make a really good difference.

  1. Almond cakes

The classic almond cake should be your go-to option if the intended recipient is either diabetic or has been told to avoid sugary food. While it is not completely sugar-free, baking an almond cake is easy and uses very little grounded white or brown sugar.

You can even ditch the flour and stick with smashed almonds (almond flour is also available widely) for the batter. This is even simpler than the pound cake and takes not more than 40 minutes to bake a unit for 2-3 people.

This is, at its heart, a fruit cake and citrus options are highly recommended. Other fruits that go down well include rhubarbs, nectarines, and all the different types of edible berries.

The sour cream counterbalances the sweeter fruits and makes for an excellent birthday gift cake. It is also admired by kids, mostly because its face is (usually) large enough for doodling!

  1. Genoise cake

This is a sinful delight that’s also surprisingly light and can be had as dessert. In the Philippines, genoise cakes sell more widely than the more popular sponge cake. The catch is that a genoise cake is also a sponge cake and is named differently simply because ‘genoise’ is French for a sponge cake!

The genoise cake appeals to the cosmopolitan Filipino mostly because a small change in the ingredients can change the flavor to a great extent. The ‘Strawberry Shortcake’, for example, is a proper genoise; its modern form was designed by none other than the legendary Dione Lucas, the first female Cordon Le Blue graduate and a glass ceiling destroyer.

Lucas herself developed 12 different shortcakes by replacing just the fruit syrup.

You can bake a proper genoise in an uber-simple jelly-roll pan. These are often referred to as ‘air cakes’ due to the low weight. But beware: adding too much buttercream will ruin this flagship layer cake.

To avoid any mishap, it’s a good idea to ask the company which specializes in cake deliveries in Philippines to bake one on your behalf. Almost all such delivery services are associated with professional bakeries.

  1. Sans Rival

Let’s get back to some local varieties, shall we? Meet the ‘Sans Rival’, a birthday cake that literally means ‘without a rival’ in French. It became a rage in the high societies of the Philippines as an imported recipe with a local twist in the 1920s.

While it is sinful as heck with 2-3 layers of chocolate or vanilla dacquoise, the nut-based meringue balances out the sweetness a bit. Thanks to the easy availability of high-grade coffee that’s not as bitter as the varieties found in most other regions of Southeast Asia, the dacquoise often contains finely ground coffee as well. This, and the addition of toasted cashew nuts, make the Sans Rival a classic Filipino recipe.

This is just perfect for your vegan friends. Unlike another local legend – the Kutsinta – the Sans Rival is a proper cake ideal for gifting. It’s a lot more filling and is not just a snack.

Unfortunately, these Filipino wonders don’t last for long, thanks to the sub-tropical climate and high humidity levels. Ensure that they are delivered within 24 hours by a competent firm supplying combo gifts in Philippines.

  1. Chiffon cake

The ‘Orange Chiffon’ might be the most popular of the lot, but there are plenty of other choices when it comes to chiffon cakes. It is a fairly new confectionary when compared to the other choices on this small list. Apparently, an American chef was the first to come up with the recipe although the plan was to bake a sponge cake. An accidental invention, you might say.

That was in the 1950s and the chef later sold the recipe to General Mills, one of the biggest companies of the world dealing mostly in processed food. It’s based in Minneapolis and own such brands as Pillsbury, Cheerios, Annie’s, and Trix. Thankfully, the chiffon birthday cake is not a brand.

A chiffon cake was originally seen to be neither a sponge cake nor an oil cake, but somewhere in between with the egg whites separated and added to the flour batter. The yolk is optional; a small quantity of vegetable oil is also added for better consistency.

Occasionally, some vanilla essence and a dash of rose water on top makes for a really memorable gift for birthdays.

You can perhaps add the relatively lesser-known rose chiffon cake to your order when you send flowers to Philippines.

  1. Carrot cake

A relative of the sponge cake but a lot healthier option, the carrot cake was nominated as one of the 3 bestselling birthday cakes for adults across the Australasian countries. This part of the world includes the Philippines too.

It edged out such icons as the vanilla, chocolate, and the red velvet cakes.

This will be a great option for your calorie-conscious pals, colleagues, and family members. The carrot cake is easier to bake than most others and much more versatile. Also, its origins can be traced back to the late 1500s. The humble carrot cake also played a role in the Pacific Theater of the Second World War.

Unlike a sponge cake, this is made using canola oil among others. It’s one of the handful of freshly-baked cakes that will stay unspoiled for around a week even without refrigeration. Coconut essence is also added frequently for wholesomeness.

The carrot cake is high recommended for gifts to far-flung regions of the country.

  1. Mango cake

Rounding up this list is none other than a special gift made with the ‘king of tropical fruits’ itself! Mango cakes make up a handsome percentage of all cake deliveries in Philippines.

The Filipino variant can be made with or without eggs. The batter needs to be enriched with mango pulp or gelatinous mango puree. It needs very little added sugar and is widely sold across the country since the ‘Carabao’ species is available throughout the year.

If you are looking for inspired ideas for combo gifts in Philippines, you can place an order with Indian mangoes instead. Ask for the Alphonso, Kesar, or Raspuri (also called Pairi) specimens since they are renowned for both taste, versatility, and lots of vitamins and proteins.

A thick and chilled layer of mango juice is the best icing possible in this case.

Wrapping up

Now that you have a number of options, it’s imperative that you first locate an agency that offers birthday cake deliveries in Philippines within 24 hours.

Once that is arranged, go right ahead and choose the one you feel is the most appropriate!

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