Sustainability through safety: Yamaha launches Jin-Ki Kanno × Jin-Ki Anzen Safety Vision

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. recently announced that it has established “Jin-Ki Kanno × Jin-Ki Anzen” as its new Safety Vision. Using “safer riding and users’ peace of mind” as one of the banners to connect with people and thrive as a company, YMC aims to create value in a new mobility society.

This is in line with the company’s new Medium-Term Management Plan (2022–2024) announced in February this year, making sustainability a new pillar of its corporate activities. The manufacturing giant has been prioritizing several non-financial indicators since then to enhance its social value.

Jin-Ki Kanno is YMC’s exclusive development ideal. Technology born from Jin-Ki Kanno seeks to deliver users the seductive exhilaration felt when they truly become one with their machine. Meanwhile, Jin-Ki Anzen is the company’s belief that having people and machines work together in complementary ways can make more sophisticated safety skills and technologies possible.

Those terms are quite a mouthful for us regular folks, but it means that YMC plans to concentrate its safety efforts on Technologies, User Skills, and Connectivity.

The Jin-Ki Kanno × Jin-Ki Anzen Safety Vision expresses YMC’s unique approach to creating a world free of accidents with their customers, in which users can experience the joy and Kando that comes from progressing their skills and abilities while having fun at the same time. Kando is a Japanese word for the simultaneous feelings of deep satisfaction and intense excitement we experience when encountering something of exceptional value.

It seems like a tall order, but we are one with Yamaha’s vision of safer roads for everyone. After all, there is no sustainability for a motorcycle manufacturer if there is no safety. Keeping their customer base safe from harm should be the top priority, wouldn’t you agree?


Source: Sustainability through safety: Yamaha launches Jin-Ki Kanno × Jin-Ki Anzen Safety Vision

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