Tree trimming; why is it important?

Trees will continue to grow and take up space till they are controlled or they reach their maximum size. Their continuous growth can cause some inconveniences, sometimes damage, if they’re positioned close to your property.

To avoid possible property damage and uncontrolled tree growth, tree trimming is necessary. It involves removing some branches that may cause damage to parts of a property, such as a roof. 

While tree trimming may appear to be easy, you may need to employ the services of a professional to avoid killing the tree.

If you’re wondering why you should trim your tree, here are some reasons you should consider:

Maintaining tree health

A tree will continue to grow and provide shade, beautiful flowers, and fruits, as long as it remains in good health. Some tree branches that are infected with diseases or pests can expose the whole tree to diseases and pest attacks.

You can help the tree maintain its health by removing the unhealthy branches. Once unhealthy branches are removed from an otherwise healthy tree, the chances of the tree maintaining its health increase tremendously.

Safety reasons

Your and your kids’ safety is important, and you need to remove anything that poses a safety risk as soon as possible. Also, your properties, such as vehicles and your home should be protected against possible damage.

When trees grow large, they can pose some safety risks as their branches can break off and collapse over your roof or car, causing extensive damage. 

You can avoid these safety risks by trimming the tree regularly. This will help you keep the tree to a manageable size and almost eliminate the risk of incurring damage costs caused by tree branches.

Better fruit production

Some trees provide more than aesthetics and shade, they also serve as a source of food. If you have a tree that produces edible fruits, you may be tempted to leave it to continue to grow more branches so that it can produce more fruits. You’ll be wrong.

The more branches your fruit tree has, the more nutrients it uses to keep those branches healthy. However, if you trim off the excess branches, there’ll be more than enough nutrients to produce bigger and better fruits. 

Keep some healthy branches on the tree and you’ll notice that the leaves and flowers will become more luxuriant, and the flowers will produce more fruits because of lesser competition for nutrients.

Tree Trimming Columbia

Control tree’s lateral growth

The beauty of a tree is not usually in its mammoth size. Trimmed trees, kept in good lateral-vertical proportion are usually more aesthetically pleasing, especially when their growth has been controlled from a young age. You can have an aesthetically pleasing tree on your property by controlling its lateral growth.

The lateral growth of a tree refers to its horizontal reach. The wider the canopy of a tree, the higher the possibility of it causing damage to properties. Uncontrolled lateral growth can have tree branches drooping and almost reaching the ground, exposing your property to more damage.

Final Thought

Trees can be beneficial on your property as they provide shade and break wind. However, you’ll be under less of a property damage risk if you consistently trim your tree’s branches.

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