Is Honda launching the 2023 Click125 next weekend? Here’s what to expect


It would seem that Honda Philippines Inc. (HPI) is poised to release an updated version of the country’s best-selling scooter next Sunday, December 11th –  the Click125i.

HPI’s most recent post on their FB page shared a partial photo of a familiar taillight with the caption, “the ultimate ride is coming.” I have reasons to believe that the “ultimate ride” they are referring to is the much-anticipated 2023 Click125.

Befitting its nickname “game changer,” the Click125i has indeed changed the landscape of the highly-competitive 125cc scooter segment by offering performance and fuel efficiency at an affordable price. Hence, the Click125i became popular with delivery riders and commuters alike.

The 2023 Click125 was launched as the Vario 125 last September in Indonesia, and based on the information we got from our peers at Autofun Indonesia, here are the feature updates we could expect:

  1. Keyless operation system – Like its big brother, the Click160, the 2023 Click125 is now also equipped with a smart key remote for a more convenient operation.
  2. ISS variant – the new Click will have an ISS (Idling Stop System) variant. This gives it a claimed fuel mileage of 51.7 kilometers per liter.
  3. Wider tires – the 2023 Click125 is fitted with 90/80-14 front and 100/80-14 rear tires, while the current version we have has 80/90-14 front and 90/90-14 rear rubber.
  4. USB port – No need to bother with a socket adaptor. This will be very useful, especially for delivery riders, and will also free up some space in the glove compartment.



Supposedly, there should also be minor updates on the side panels, but I will have to confirm that once I see it in person. HPI has invited to an official product launch on December 11, 2022, so we will know soon enough.

Do you think that the Click125i really needs an upgrade, or would you agree that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?

Source: Is Honda launching the 2023 Click125 next weekend? Here’s what to expect

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