A guide to planning your writing: how long a dissertation should be?

Students in their entire academic tenure have to pass different phases to be called qualified and experienced scholars. In each of these phases, there are varied stimulating and demanding obligations that the candidates are supposed to accomplish to get their degrees in their hands. 

Most of the prerequisites of formal degrees are the documents that gauge the student’s dexterity and abilities in the competitive world. These measures help great deal students in their professional life. 

Along with assignments, quizzes, and oral viva, there is a culminating stage of the theoretical journey of a student comprising extensive research. Although it is the concluding phase, however, is the most significant stage of a student’s life. 

It is that stage that marks the graduation of the student as trained and equipped intellectually and thus always makes the students wonder how long a dissertation should be to get them the required grades plus enough exposure to the practical world.

What is a dissertation?

A dissertation proposal includes an overview of the aircraft dissertation topics or a single topic that the student has chosen, and it typically specifies the direction of the candidate’s research.

The reader’s convenience is served by including the topic, the significance of the research topic, and—most importantly—the research technique, or how the research will be carried out. (Suny Empire, n.d.)

Structure of a dissertation proposal

Typically, the arrangement and format of the research paperwork vary from institution to institution but almost every research proposal contains the following elements as a must; (HelpwithDissertation, n.d.)

How to format a dissertation paper?

Even though students are taught how to write reports from day one of their studies. Writing a research proposal, meanwhile, is more difficult than it first appears to be. Particularly in the modern world of 2022 with ongoing development, improvement, and upgrades to research designs and their organizational systems.

A research proposal is, as was already mentioned, a thorough and complete plan for the intended study on the topic. The remainder of the research project can be written easily and with a minimal amount of difficulty once the writer has a clearly structured and transparent proposal in place. (K Sudheesh, 2016)

Steps to make Research writing easy

Like any other academic paper, there are a few standard steps or headings that are found in every research proposal irrespective of their field or subject of study and which must be considered by every student writing the proposal.

However, other main elements are also commonly found in the research proposals since they are all that the research proposal is made up of. The following are the elements of a research proposal; 

  • Introduction
  • Background Study
  • Literature Review  
  • Aims and objectives, 
  • Research design and methods
  • Citations and References 

Following are the steps explained in detail to compose a good research proposal; (Garcia, 2021)

How to write an introduction?

The introduction in the dissertation paper gives the background view and informs the readers about a few details like; 

  • How the topic was selected
  • Why the topic was selected
  • What problem or issue the writer would be addressing
  • What measures the writer suggests to solve the problem
  • What are the anticipated results of the report?
  • How the report is going to benefit the reader

All these questions are answered briefly so the reader is aware of what they can expect from the rest of the paper where they can descriptively find all the details.

Background Study

The third step is the background study that explains to the readers how the problem appeared in the first place. 

A good background paragraph consists of; 

  • Issues of the proposed research 
  • Clear identification of the subject and question 
  • A brief review of the literature 
  • A summary of the discussions and arguments that might be included in the paper. 

Literature Review 

Literature review means taking help from the already available researches and their analyzed data or taking dissertation services UK including the findings on a similar topic by qualified and accredited scholars. This literature review can be used as support for your research. 

The following thing should be considered while reviewing the literature, for example;

  • Is the literature review authentic and discusses the problem statement?
  • is the literature significantly supporting the topic in question?
  • Is the final judgment of the researcher rational, appropriate, and convincing?

Understand the objective

Usually, either the institution or the instructor allows the writing pattern and style for the dissertation according to their preference or acceptance of the institution.

The writer must understand the standards of the writing structure provided and should compose the draft accordingly. The main purpose of the dissertation is, that the instructor must get to know the level of knowledge possessed by the student and how well they can impart that knowledge to others.

All these aspects are measured by the structure and content of the dissertation.

Research Methodology

The objective of mentioning the research methodology is to persuade the readers that the overall research design and methods are used to correctly address the research problem. It should be unambiguously related to the precise aims of your study and must include the following;

  • Theoretical resources 
  • Theoretical Framework or the approaches used to conduct the research 
  • Research methods

Citations and Referencing

Since a writer needs to take help from other already published reports and research, they should in a proper manner mention the author’s name and his work where the writer is taking help from. A report must include all sources cited and referenced at the end of the report.

These are some of the simple, although highly important steps for research proposal writing that must be followed to increase the probability of getting the paper approved by both; the professors and the publishers. 


One thing the writer has to follow religiously is that always get their paper proofread by any professional they find credible enough to submit their work to them.

Once the research proposal is completed, approved, and published; it becomes a symbol of an amateur student acquiring the status of an expert and adroit scholar having the knowledge and skill of report writing.


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