How Can I Split One VCF into Multiple Files | Best Technique?

An electronic file called a VCF file is also referred to as a vCard file. Numerous systems, including MS Contacts, Outlook, Mozilla, and others, support VCF. These files, which can be saved in one or more files, are mostly used for exchanging contact information.

However, there are occasions when customers need to divide their vCard files into many files for a specific purpose and they become stopped in the middle of the process since this method has certain restrictions and requires technical expertise as well. You can choose between the manual and automatic solutions in this article based on your needs.

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Free Method to Split your VCF Files into Multiple

This section of the article will discuss the manual approach to answering the question of how to divide a VCF into numerous files. Read this part carefully if you’re seeking a freeway since there are various limits that we’ll explain to you after the procedure. There are two steps in this process. Let’s go right into the procedures.

Phase 1: Convert VCF into Windows Contact

  • Go to C:\Users%username% \Contacts and choose Import in the first step.
  • Now choose the vCard file option in the Import to Windows Contacts dialogue box and click Import.
  • Go to the place where the.vcf file is saved in this step by selecting it from the Select, a vCard File for Import box.
  • Click the OK button after choosing the file in this stage.
  • You may examine both the contacts and make modifications as required after the property window has opened.

Phase 2: Windows Contact to Single File

After finishing the previous stage, proceed one by one with the actions listed below.

  • In Windows contacts, click the Export option now. Select the files while holding the Down button and the CTRL key.
  • Select the vCard folder or press the Export button in the Export Windows Contacts window.
  • Your vCard files are stored in a folder that you may browse and choose from. Then press the OK button.

Limits of Manual Technique

As already noted One vcf may be divided into many ones using the previously outlined approach. There are some limitations to this solution as well.

You must input the information and confirmation for each contact in the VCF file throughout the import procedure.

All associated context import processes for a given contact will be stopped at once if you incorrectly or purposefully hit the cancel button.

A specific contact cannot be chosen or exported; instead, all contacts are always exported.

Smart Technique to Split One VCF into Multiple Files 

As mentioned previously, the manual approach is effective but has certain drawbacks. Splitting some contacts will make it simple, but doing it for all of your emails will be a nightmare. In this situation, we offer you vCard Split Tool, a clever piece of software that can overcome all the difficulties.

The procedure of splitting one VCF into multiples is really simple with the help of this utility program, which has several great capabilities. These kinds of situations may be resolved by this program, which is user-friendly and doesn’t require any expert knowledge. Comes with a demo and trial version as well.

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Working on the Tool

  • Install and run the Split VCF application on your system.
  • Select the browse button, and add the VCF file.
  • Next, users can get a whole view of VCF contacts.
  • Choose the output location where you want to see the resultant file.
  • Finally, press the “Start Generating Now” button to begin the procedure.


We discuss the answer to the question of how to divide a VCF into multiple files in this tutorial. We discuss both manual and automatic guidelines to help you operate more efficiently and effectively. As we’ve shown above, manual techniques have several disadvantages, and in order to address them all, we also give you a hassle-free way to finish the task swiftly. Which option you choose is entirely up to you.

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